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Personal & Cross Company Guarantees

Savings of £1,500,000.00 & Settlement at 4.2% of Borrowings

-A local family, working in the construction industry, attended our offices, utterly distraught at the level of debt at which they were exposed by way of both Personal & Cross Company Guarantees

-Their original borrowings had been obtained via their Limited Company however same Company had been liquidated and there had been insufficient assets to cover the liabilities

-As a result, our Clients’ Personal Guarantees were called in as well as the Cross Company Guarantees for the Company they were currently dependent on for trading

-They were personally exposed to the amount of £1.2m

-Their homes, which had equity therein, were at risk and the lender had initiated aggressive  action seeking Judgment against our Clients

-The services of Bell & Company were promptly engaged and immediate contact was made with both the relevant lender and their instructed Solicitor

-Within a period of a mere several months, a full & final settlement agreement had been reached at £50,000

-This resulted then in savings of £1,150,000

-Our Clients’ homes were secure & they were free to carry on with their new business without any further pursuit


We are excited to announce our next event will be held at Millenium Forum in Derry/Londonderry on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 8am to 10am. This event represents an excellent opportunity to come and enjoy and excellent breakfast whilst networking with a range of professionals from across Northern Ireland.

We will also have a panel of speakers at the event:

  1. Terry Bell – Company Director of Bell & Company.
  2. Helen McCarragher – Corporate Manager at Bell & Company
  3. William Davey – Resolution Manager at Bell & Company
  4. Ian Farley – R&D Tax Credits

The selected senior staff at Bell & Company will discuss issues relating to our line of work including Corporate Banking Debt, Loan Sales, Personal Guarantees, Negative Equity negotiation both in Northern Ireland and across Europe.

We also have an excellent guest speaker at the event, Ian Farley. Ian is an R & D tax specialist and will introduce the concept that R & D tax credits are very generous and can generate large corporation tax savings. You will be surprised what activites in Northern Ireland can qualify for these credits and many companies are not taking advantage of this valuable relief. We are sure Ian’s expert advice will be beneficial to you and even your clients.

Following the presentations by the panel the floor will be open for Q&A.

Whilst this is an open event we appreciate some of you may have more private queries so please contact us in advance to arrange a time where the appropriate team member can discuss matters on a one to one basis.

The event is ticketed but FREE of charge. To obtain your free ticket please click this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/real-issues-in-todays-financial-world-tickets-20786910208

Should you have any queries regarding the event or any debt related issues then please call the office on +44 (0) 2985 217373

We look forward to welcoming you at the Millenium Forum for a fantastic morning of networking.

Terry Bell


Currently Bell & Company assist borrowers across Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland with Negative Equity issues. But we like to keep our ear to the ground with movements worldwide and you may have recently read our blog post highlighting the London Property Market and concerns over a bubble developing.

Recently, we have been researching the United States of America and the property market, in certain areas, appears to be in a dire state. RealtyTrac’s end of year Property report for 2015 identified that 6.4 million are “underwater” the term used to represent Negative Equity.

Darren Blomquist, Vice President at RealtyTrac, states “we continue to deal with a long tail of seriously underwater properties – it will be a long time before they return to positive equity.”

As with the property decline in Northern Ireland certain areas in the US have seen more decline than others. The figures below show the percentage of properties underwater in the respective areas:

RealtyTrac also identify further interesting statistics:

With the US Federal Reserve recently taking the plunge and increasing interest rates many borrowers in Negative Equity will feel the pinch even more. With this in mind we’d expect mortgage arrears to rise and home repossessions too. It will be interesting to see how US lenders react to mortgage shortfall debt.

As always if you or anyone you know is suffering from a debt burden which is becoming unbearable please contact Bell & Company today on +44 (0) 2895 217 373 to arrange a free initial consultation. We are achieving excellent settlements in both Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland in both our Corporate and Resolution Departments. Our Insolvency department continues to deliver the best independent Bankruptcy Advice also and thus we are proud to assist a variety of clients. We look forward to hearing from you.


2016 has started brilliantly at Bell & Company with some excellent deals by both our Corporate and Resolution teams.


The Resolution team work to assist borrowers with regulated Mortgage Debt and in particular those who have fallen foul of Negative Equity. You may have read in a recent post that the team assisted a Borrowers achieve an excellent settlement in Republic of Ireland with a core lender there. The team has also concluded Full & Final Settlements with UK lenders who had security over property in Northern Ireland. A brief summary is provided on a couple of examples below:



The Corporate department too has been busy finalising excellent settlements for clients. Some examples include:

As we continue into February both departments are working tirelessly to complete further settlements for our clients.

Should you or anyone you know wish to discuss either a Corporate Banking Debt or Negative Equity Property issue then please call the office today on +44 (0) 2895 217373 to arrange your free initial consultation. You could benefit from the results above and eradicate your debt burden.

Introducing Our Digital Marketing Guru: Christopher Ferry

Name: Christopher Ferry

Position: Digital Marketing Guru/Graphic Designer

Time with Bell & Company: 9 Months

What does your day to day role entail?

My role as the Digital marketing Guru with Bell & Company is nothing short of a juggling act. Always learning new things, putting a variety of skills to use and working on consistently new and different campaigns means that no two days are the same – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The audience we’re aiming at are simultaneously invisible and everywhere, and to attempt to reach them, a huge range of tactics come and go frequently. Knowing which are the right ones to invest time and money in is imperative, as well as how to do them correctly. Finding the best social media scheduling tool, knowing which analytics metrics are useful, assessing what kind of content is best for Bell & Company – these are all important parts of today’s marketing efforts, making the job very much about learning and being responsive to change.

My role here ranges from input on overall marketing strategy to content creation, social media and graphic design. As I have said previously though, it’s important to be flexible as a Marketing Guru because who knows what the next great marketing tool will be, that you must learn to use in a better way than your competitor. Although there is no typical day, I do try to maintain a focus on the more creative aspects of the role. If it’s a creative day, then my focus is on content creation and scheduling. This includes researching, creating blog posts, scheduling newsletters, creating podcasts and sometimes even videos, as well as creating graphics for the website and social media posts and curating external content to schedule.

It’s easy to tell which element I’m focused on at any one time given the broad differences in tools I use. From Photoshop and audio editing software for podcasts to Excel and a calculator, being a fast learner as well as comfortable with a wide variety of technical tools is a must not just here at Bell & Company, But in any marketing role.

What do you enjoy most about your position?:

I find all of the elements of my role fascinating, fast-paced and fun, particularly working with our marketing manager Jessica Cullen, there’s not one day where I don’t laugh. Bell & Company have been supportive from the start of my time here, really value and reward hard work, and we even have trips to Marbella or France for a pint or two. What’s not to love?

Spare time activities:

In my spare time I am also creative, I Dj at the weekends in my home City Derry/Londonderry, Believe it or not running your own music events has its fair share of marketing too. I love to be creative, whether its graphic design, designing campaigns to run online or mixing music, I can honestly say I am very fortunate to find a passion that I can earn a living off. You know what they say…Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Contact Details:

Christopher Ferry

Digital Marketing Guru


+44 (2895) 2173-69

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