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Is Negative Equity Still an Issue in Northern Ireland?

Negative Equity

Property Prices in Northern Ireland are rising but is it enough to cure the Negative Equity epidemic post property boom? Is Negative Equity Still an Issue in Northern Ireland? The answer is – it depends on where you live. According to Ulster University Housing Price Index the average property price in Northern Ireland is now…

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Your free consultation


How to organise a free consultation  When you call Bell & Company you will speak to our Business Relationship team. Our personnel in this team are trained to assess your situation, outline the services we offer and ultimately arrange your free initial consultation with an advisor. Often many individuals who contact us are quite shocked…

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Personal Guarantees

personal guarantees

During the boom Personal Guarantees were given by numerous individuals to facilitate borrowing by corporate entities and dependent relatives. Now many of those guarantors are in difficulty and their Personal Guarantees are outstanding and have been called on. Do you have clients facing exposure by way of any Personal Guarantee? There are always options available…

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property associated debt

For Corporate clients or those suffering business debt issues you may have been advised by a Bank that if your account is not rectified and arrears reduced then a Fixed Charge Receiver may be appointed. Fixed Charge Receivers are appointed once a Banking Institution has chosen to proceed to Recovery on a connection.  FCR are…

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