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Dispute Resolution- Farming Client, Local Creditors

Farming Client from Fermanagh

-Had significant difficulties with a number of local Marts & suppliers regarding monies owing of c£200,000

-This was preventing him from obtaining supplies, stock etc. therefore hindering him entirely from trading

-Action had been taken by several of the Creditors whereby Solicitors had been appointed to pursue by way of litigation

-Same Client owed a significant lump of money also to a local Bank who held the deeds for his farm

-Bell & Company engaged with both the relevant Banking Institution as well as all surrounding marts

-Re-finance was obtained from a third-party lender which retained and protected the farm entirely

-Negotiations were conducted with all pursuing marts and all were settled with a total of £90,000.00

-Savings were achieved then of £110,000.00


Pressure from a pending loan sale?

Pressure from a pending loan sale?

Are you under pressure from a pending loan sale?

As will know, there has been a multitude of bank loan sales of late to a variety of recovery companies and vulture funds. This includes Ulster Banks loan sales to Cerberus and Cabot amongst many others.

Initial Correspondence 

When a borrower initially receives correspondence to notify them of a pending sale, they are usually provided with several options in order to prevent the sale however most involve full repayment. Which is simply not feasible for the majority to receive written indication. Such a loan sale can be distressing for any person or business. Particularly, where they have been banking with the same institution for many years.

Be Proactive

Many of these funds or companies can be commercial and will make pragmatic decisions so long as the correct approach, attitude and presentation is adopted. We have recently engaged in a negotiation resulting in settlement at in and around 1%, which was a phenomenal outcome for our client.

It is essential that a proactive approach is adopted to avail of this opportunity.
In the event that an individual/business does not engage or communicate and instead, chooses to ignore the matter, it is highly likely that the fund will become aggressive and choose to litigate.

Be Forthcoming

You will have seen it publicised in the media of late. Mass actions are being taken by certain vulture funds resulting in a multitude of borrowers receiving a summons and inevitably, judgment will be sought. This can be avoided by being forthcoming with regards communication, submissions and proposals.

Bell & Co have first-hand experience of the opposite response from these funds. We have witnessed directly how making the correct approach can result most favourably for the borrower in terms of settlement and savings.

If you or someone you know have received an indication that your loans will be entered a loan sale, we would urge you to be proactive in taking advice and seeking to reach conclusion allowing all then to move forward.

You can do so by calling my colleague Karen Campbell now on 0330 159 5820

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