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Brexit to potentially delay Bank Loan Sales


In recent times, we have been approached by various individuals, businesses and professionals, all of whom have received letters from their primary lender essentially providing them with them with three options as follows: (a) Pay now in full (b) Re-finance and pay in full (c) Failing the above, we will sell to a third party fund…

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Bankruptcy- What can happen?


Bankruptcy, the “B” word, is feared by many and has negative connotations associated with it. Sadly, we see many Creditors petitions in Court for borrowers being made Bankrupt by their Lender. Perhaps the stigma surrounding Bankruptcy has been reduced since 2008 due to the increase in numbers filing for Bankruptcy but it is still something…

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Money raised for negotiations via litigation


Debt settlement – Homes and Farms protected A Farming Client of ours approached us in relation to significant pressure they were facing regarding a debt of c£2.5m owing to one of the most aggressive, local based lenders existing -The money that had been lent was somewhat on a bridging basis on the back of the…

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Can I sell if I’m in Negative Equity?

Negative Equity

Bell & Company regularly hear individuals in Negative Equity declare themselves as “Mortgage Prisoners”. This opinion is often developed from listening to poor knowledge of their circumstances and not seeking professional independent advice. The answer to the question is, YES but it depends. Releasing a charge on a deed Some lenders will allow borrowers who…

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Could I lose my home?


Could I lose my home? One thing we understand entirely is that home is sacrosanct to most people thus it is imperative that the situation at home is investigated first and foremost. In many instances, a Borrower/Guarantor’s home will be mortgaged with another lending institution and, as a result of the property crash, there will…

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