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RBS’s Global Restructuring Group: Options Available


GRG – RBS: THE CONSEQUENCES AND OPTIONS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LOST AND SUFFERED The effects of the actions of GRG, now partially admitted by RBS, have been catastrophic and affected many lives in every sense. We at Bell & Company have assisted many companies and more importantly many individuals who have come under the…

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Business borrowings in personal name

Debt settlement

Debt settlement -A retail Client of ours had a debt settlement who was involved in an acrimonious breakdown with a local Bank regarding money he owed to them for which he was personally exposed. -There was a shortfall of c£400,000 owed on his own home, further to a consensual sale negotiation involving an agreed third party and…

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RBS’s Global Restructuring Group Apologises

RBS’s Global Restructuring Group apologises to thousands of customers following pressure from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is a two-part blog covering the events of RBS’s Global Restructuring Group (GRG) ‘misleading’ practices. In this first release we will look at a brief time line of events and what lead to the public owned Bank…

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