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Foreign Property Issues

Foreign Property Issues: Can Bell & Company Help? Pre-2008 many UK and Irish citizens invested in property throughout Europe. Back then property prices where only going one way, showing a rapid upward trend. However, as we are all aware property prices across Europe have plummeted since 2008. Bell & Company where approached a few years…

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Property secured & savings achieved of £380,000

property debt issues

Property secured through third party who worked with our client -Property secured for clients of ours, working in the Hospitality Industry, approached our offices, noticeably distressed at the pressure they were experiencing regarding their debt situation -They owed c£700,000 to a primary, local lending institution and security was held over their business premises and several other investment properties of great importance to…

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How Do I Negotiate With Creditors?

How do I negotiate with Creditors?   In summary, no creditor/debt collection agency is the same and they often have different processes and protocols along with various criteria that must be met. One thing we do advise is being proactive and liaising amicably with your creditors. This will bring about the best result. However, the…

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