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A couple helped out of huge shortfall after their separation

huge shortfall

A former couple had been under the weight of a huge shortfall of over £105,000. They were both trying to move on with their individual lives, but, this lender, in particular, remained unsympathetic to their situation. After a number of weeks negotiating, the lender placed the file on hold for a year, hoping for a…

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The dangers of an interest-only mortgage

Have you been enticed by an interest-only loan or mortgage? An interest-only mortgage may initially seem like a brilliant prospect when you decide to buy a house; an interest-only period where you only pay back the interest of your loan rather than what you’ve borrowed is an attractive option for many. Lower monthly repayments mean…

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Despite difficult lender, a 10% settlement can be achieved

A settlement of 10% can still be achieved, even when faced with a difficult lender A couple with a large shortfall of over £120,000 with a notoriously difficult lender approached us for help. While we had overseen the sale of the property and had been attempting to negotiate with the lender for quite some time,…

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English ‘buy to let’ case settled within 5 months

A young man based in England approached our company regarding an unsustainable ‘buy to let’ property he owned. After weighing up his options, he decided after much deliberation to surrender the property back to the lender. Thankfully the property sold quickly and left a shortfall of just over £30,000. This shortfall is deemed as a…

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Finance professional avoids Bankruptcy

Bell and Company recently assisted a professional to avoid Bankruptcy Our client, who happened to be a professional in the field of finance, unfortunately, fell victim to the property crash, which saw them left with a shortfall of over £110,000. They decided to surrender the property back to the lender as arrears and liability continued…

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A young couple caught up in the Recession

A young couple found themselves caught up in the Recession, financial downturn of 2007, have a look at their journey to success. The couple had made investments into 3 rental properties across different lenders, along with having a mortgage on their own home. After the downturn in the market in 2007, they found themselves with…

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Why we should think before taking out Credit Cards

Why you should think before you pick up the plastic UK consumers are using credit cards, debit and charge cards more and more; 158.7 million cards wers issued as of 2019. Many view cards as an easy way to pay for items they cannot afford now and pay the money back at a later date,…

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Mortgage debt settlement at 4%

Mortgage debt settlement at 4% An older gentleman had come to us with a second property that had fallen into disrepair. He had an interest only mortgage where the term had come to an end. Our client was being pursued full repayment of the facility as per his terms and conditions, however, given his age…

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No company is too big to fail!

Why do many large companies view themselves as being “too big to fail”? Huge businesses turning over hundreds of thousands of pounds a year can be being a million miles away from a small, family-run business. It’s important to remember, however, that debt still needs to be paid off whether you’re running a massive investment bank…

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