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Bell & Company urges caution for RBS and Barclays customers

urges caution

Bell & Co urges caution for RBS and Barclays customers after banks were recently exposed by stress tests It’s fair to say that England’s banks are robust and it’s likely that they are already well prepared for anything that they might face as a result of Brexit or other economic upheavals. However, while this is…

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We look back on 2017

We look back on 2017

Bell & Company reminisce about the year that has passed… 2017 has been a mammoth year for the team here at Bell & Company. As a business, we continue to reach new heights. If we reminisce back to 2016, we remember huge, breaking news, like BREXIT, Donald Trump’s rise to power, Leicester City winning the Premier…

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Mammoth overall savings of 92%!

Mammoth overall savings

Our client approached us with a crystalized debt of over £150,000, owed to a huge banking institution in the Republic of Ireland. The client had not had any contact with the said lender for almost 5 years and had relocated to England to pursue new ventures. Out of nowhere, he received letters from the bank,…

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Bell & Company prove benefits of great business relationships

Bell & Company

Bell & Company were recently able to assist a young couple with 2 young children facing eviction from the family home. Bell & Company were appointed and approached the lender seeking a consensual sale, which was accepted by the lender. In this instance, Bell & Company achieved savings of around £105,000, after the agreed open…

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What could a Labour victory mean for the UK economy?


What could a Labour victory mean for the UK economy? While Labour missed out on a majority vote in the last General Election, there is still conversation circulating about what a victory for the party would have meant for the UK economy. Read on to find out what a win for left-wing voters could have…

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How does the rise in interest rates affect you?

rise in interest

How does the rise in interest rates affect you? It came as a surprise to many when The Bank of England decided to increase the base rate from 0.2% to 0.5% after over a decade of no rises at all taking place. The rise in interest rates is something that we are all aware of…

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The professions most likely to fall into debt

fall into debt

Anyone, regardless of their job, years of experience, age or financial situation can fall into debt. This can be the result of a whole host of factors such as difficult personal circumstances, business deals gone bad, irresponsible lending on behalf of banks and more. Having said this, not all professions are created equal. The same…

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