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What are debt strategists?

Debt strategists

Waht are debt strategists? Bell & Company are the UK and Ireland’s leading Debt Strategists, that simply means we develop a strategy to best alleviate a client’s debt burden. We are approached daily by over extended borrowers and tailor our advice to their individual circumstances to ensure there is a realistic and pragmatic option for…

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Loan Sale – What does this mean?

With the recent controversy surrounding Ulster Bank’s sale of 5,200 ‘non-performing’ home loans, the topic of loan sales comes to the fore. People whose loans with the likes of AIB, First Trust and Ulster Bank have been sold would have been notified by letter that their loan had been bought by third parties such as: Everyday…

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Overall savings of £28,000 for family of 5

The case in question was ongoing for several years. Our clients, a family of five, owed in the region of £70,000. The family had fallen on hard times with the breadwinner being made redundant and they were struggling to make payments. Bell & Company entered negotiations with the lender on behalf of the family. The…

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4 REASONS WHY you should appoint an Intermediary

4 reasons to appoint an intermediary

  A question we often hear from potential clients in their initial consultation is why can’t I do this myself? In short there is nothing stopping you from liaising with your creditors yourself. However, we know that the process is much smoother, less stressful and often more successful with expert assistance. Intermediaries like ourselves carry…

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