A Guide to Personal Debt Collection in England

A Guide to Personal Debt Collection in England

Personal debt collection in England

If you or your business is facing insolvency, you might be worried about bailiffs taking action against you and removing assets. You may be sure of your rights, but bailiffs in England can often make you doubt yourself—as Simon English recounts in his tale of unpaid council tax.

These can often be worrying times, even if that is the only debt that you owe to anyone.

The issue can be complicated by the stress of bailiffs turning up at the door. A bailiff’s visit can feel personal if it’s your company and property they are taking but getting angry with the bailiffs is pointless. They don’t have the authority to abandon your debt if it’s come through a court, and all you will do is cause an argument that neither party wants to have.

What to do when bailiffs turn up at your door.

If bailiffs should turn up, make sure that you see their ID, and a written statement saying what you owe. This is to ensure that everything is above board and you don’t pay more than you owe. They can’t take essential household items, or goods that do not belong to you. Though a visit from the bailiffs can feel incredibly worrying, by cooperating you can often make the situation better for yourself.

Know the law.

Currently, certain charities and organisations are pushing for changes to the law surrounding bailiffs, as their visits can often be perceived as threatening and bullying. The law currently says that most businesses should receive prior word that bailiffs are visiting. So, you might wish to have trusted friends, family or colleagues with you when they visit.

The laws are different on what bailiffs can take if you’re a sole trader or if your business is a limited company. If you are a sole trader, bailiffs can take control of any assets you might own. The rules for limited companies say that bailiffs can only take items that belong to the limited company.

How to stop the bailiffs knocking!

It’s important to work out what you’re going to do to stop bailiffs visiting again. The best thing to do is to contact independent debt advisors. They will be able review your finances and create an effective strategy.

We have several case studies that show how we’ve helped people with business debt, and we help people and companies turn their large debt into a more manageable sum.

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