As we all limp back out of ‘Lockdown 3’, businesses of all shapes and sizes face challenges. Some will continue to flourish but many will suffer. Those in the greatest danger are the ‘beneficiaries of the UK’s government-backed CBIL and BBL schemes‘.


Many companies took these loans in good faith hoping that they would return to normal trading conditions. We are increasingly contacted by SME owners, as they realise the dire situation their business are now in.

The current restrictions have played havoc with trading, and it is unsure how businesses can recover, even with these schemes. Just look at these two posters which were spotted outside local hospitality venues.

CBILS AND BBLS – Everything You need to Know

BBL’s and CIBL’s did a job for sure and will over time we believe be seen as a ‘fancy grant scheme’ to hold up the SME economy especially. However, the clues are in the loan type names:

1. ‘Bounce Back’
2. ‘Coronavirus Interruption’

Both of these suggesting the loans were to cover some short term blip.  However, businesses are unlikely to return to normal trading any time soon.

We have noticed a lot of misinformation and BS out there currently. As a result, we are recorded a webinar outlining what businesses can expect as they start to repay these loans.

We are in the forefront here at Bell & Company, dealing with over 30 enquiries a week and, these experiences coupled with research and industry opinions will culminate in this webinar packed with facts on how CBILs and BBLs will pan out and the effect they will have, as they burden already struggling businesses with debt.


If you want more information on CBILS and BBLS, we check out our most recent webinar where we discussed the details of the schemes, the impacts they will have on business, and what to expect from lenders.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about CBILS, BBLS, or any other coronavirus-related business debt, contact our team today.

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