At Bell & Company we deal with all forms of debt. We assist clients with outstanding debt of millions of pounds to individuals who are struggling with much smaller credit card balances. No matter the size of debt, it is very personal in its nature and Bell & Company understand the stress of any debt if it is not sustainable.

In cases where a client has credit card debt with a meagre income it is possible to arrange a Debt Management Plan whereby we can present your circumstances to your relevant lender and advise you are not in a position to maintain contracted payments but instead recommend a more manageable monthly payment.  It is likely agreed over a 6 month period when another review is performed and the payment altered according to any change in circumstances.

In some instances it is possible to negotiate a Full & Final Settlement with Credit Card lenders, but this is only lender specific and not all providers’ offer debt forgiveness. Bell & Company have represented clients against a large number of Credit Card providers and know how each works and if settlements can be achieved.

Many will say that they can deal with Credit Card lenders themselves. Although possible, it is far better to remove yourself from the emotion of the situation and understand that the lender will look to “trip you up” should you attempt to create a debt management plan yourself. Bell & Company have many contacts and understand their protocol and thus can tailor advice to your situation. It is important clients also know the effects on their credit file which could have implications for life in the future.

Again, we stress that we understand that any level of unsustainable debt is incredibly stressful and can put borrowers in emotional situations. We hear daily about people who are willing to go to extreme lengths to end their debt burden and it is horrible to hear the effects it has on individuals. We therefore urge clients to be open and pragmatic by contacting us today to arrange a free initial consultation to plan a route forward.

Contact Bell & Company today on 02890 517047 to discuss any form of debt. Our trained advisors will always offer independent impartial advice specific to your circumstances. All we ask is clients are open and honest and in most likelihood we can recommend a strategy to eradicate or relieve your debt burden.

Terry Bell – Director

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Bell & Company is not allied to any financial institutions, agencies or outside bodies. This is one of our greatest strengths. It means that, unlike others, we are able to provide impartial advice that is in each client’s best interest and to operate scrupulously on their behalf, free of outside interference.

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