The Benefits of Debt Strategists




Debt strategist might sound like the job title of the bulge-bracket merchant banker in the Square Mile – but that’s not right. A good debt strategist is the vital problem solver every entrepreneur should have in their contact book.

But whether it is business collapse with a personal guarantee attached or household debts that have become unmanageable, a debt strategist can guide you through the minefield of competing claims. Creditors will try to claim there is no way to avoid a wholesale liquidation of assets.


Working without an expert, debt situations can seem impossible. But with the right advice, there are simple steps that can minimise the long-term impact of a crisis.  The reality is that different types of debt can be treated in very different ways – accountants and lawyers have argued the technicalities through the court system for years so knowing having someone on your side who knows how the system works is crucial. We can untangle property debt on homes and break through the negative equity spiral and minimise our clients’ exposure.


Bell and Company has been working as specialist debt strategists for more than 25 years and we are the experts in this niche field. No matter how bad your individual situation its team will almost certainly have sat beside professional people and businessmen with worse problems. Our track record stands for our ability – we have saved our clients more than £100 million in settlements in the past 8 years. Why not avail of a free financial health check from our strategists.


From the outset, the team will take a calm overview of both the debts being claimed and the assets available. The roadmap will take the situation from the absolute worst case and work back toward a settlement that will put a debtor in the best position they could reach. Key elements will include assessment of property debt and examination of potential negative equity resulting from the claim.

Bell and Company can take the strain of every business debt negotiation – long experience of such debt negotiations mean they can tackle lenders in a professional manner with a case that will convince creditors that the settlement offered is the best way forward.


But the team’s work does not stop there. No strategy which is not completely delivered is a good strategy so the conclusion of terms is the start of the implementation.  As Bell and Company have worked with more than 400 clients handling cases with millions of pounds of personal assets such as property at stake, it’s professionals are never taken by surprise by the twists and turns that always occur in any deal. That is why we offer a free initial case review, so we know the cases we take on can be successful.

Able to react quickly to changes in circumstance or new developments, we will be able to predict the reaction of creditors and so manage their expectations.


In their first five years of existence, four in ten small businesses will cease trading. And looking across the wreckage of the British High Street where household name after household name has seen its shop sign consigned to the skip of history, it is pretty clear that even getting a business to scale is no defense against the disruptive nature of markets today.

Some entrepreneurs are lucky -or skillful – enough to see the writing on the wall and put the shutters up on a failed idea in an orderly manner- suppliers and staff paid, the stock sold and shareholders’ funds shared out.

Alas, it is not always the case in business or in family life that a shock to financial health is anticipated and handled calmly. Resist the all too common urge to freeze like a rabbit caught in headlights and contact our professionals. You do not have to face your debt crisis alone – call Bell & Company today on +44 2895 217 373

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