Many of you will have met William Davey through Bell & Company as he manages the Resolution Department and may be the first voice you hear when considering your Negative Equity Debt route forward. William has been with us for a number of years and is an excellent manager for the team offering excellent knowledge and calmness which rubs off on our younger case managers.

William’s background was in Finance prior to him joining Bell & Company. In a discussion at the start of the year William and I noticed the lack of Commercial Finance available for businesses in Northern Ireland. The pillar lenders in the country may advertise that they are lending to businesses but realistically securing funds is bordering on impossible –  the amount of criteria you have to meet is simply unrealistic given where the economy in the country currently is.

Given many of our Corporate department clients are looking for new forms of finance which can work with their business we decided to incorporate Adelaide Commercial Finance Limited. William has been working incredibly hard along with his role as Resolution Manager to search for Lenders willing to assist businesses in Northern Ireland. In order for the economy to grow and develop businesses need financial products which benefit and work for their business offering flexibility and obviously offering affordability.

In light of this we have approached lenders across Ireland, Northern Ireland and mainland UK. Adelaide Commercial Finance can offer businesses a variety of financial products, including:

William has developed a fantastic relationship these lenders and they are genuinely looking to lend to businesses in Northern Ireland. Providing our client meets their criteria, which is far less than your standard high street lenders, then the money is typically released relatively quickly.

If your business is looking to refinance or to borrow funds to expand then contact Adelaide Commercial Finance today on 02895 211037. Obviously we would say this but utilising a broker vastly improves your chances for gaining finance and this is statistically proven with 50% loans approved when applications are made directly by the borrower and 90% through a broker. It also takes out time and hassle which when running your business is incredibly valuable.

We look forward to financing your business and fuelling business growth in Northern Ireland.

Terry Bell


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