Negotiating with Creditors

Negotiating with Creditors.

No creditor/debt collection agency are the same. They often have different processes and protocols along with various criteria that must be met. One thing we do advise is being proactive. Liaising regularly and amicably with your creditors will aid the negotiating process.

However, creditors often pursue cases aggressively, leading to hostility between lender and borrower. Furthermore, the lender may find it difficult to understand your situation. When liaising directly with a lender they will find it difficult to fully empathise with your circumstances. It would be a case of you strategically presenting your information.

Who we are

Bell & Company are Debt Strategists and negotiate with a variety of lending institutions daily. We specialise in assisting borrowers with problematic Mortgage Debt and Corporate Debt issues. Based in Belfast, we operate across the UK. Our experienced team pro-actively works to achieve the best possible outcome, given your circumstances.

Successful methods of negotiation

Bell & Company believe that appointing an intermediary can greatly increase your chance of success in debt negotiations. Having an intermediary can remove the emotion from the situation.

We liaise amicably with creditors whilst fighting your corner, ensuring both parties are satisfied with the outcome. Above all, Bell & Company are impartial and ensure we achieve the best possible settlement for our clients. Furthermore, the representations we make to your lender are tailored to your circumstances and the lenders’ requirements.

Moreover, we can reduce the timeframe and the stress associated with debt negotiations whilst increasing the likelihood of success. Bell & Company urge borrowers to be proactive by contacting their lenders and be honest about their circumstances. Many lenders have policies in place to help those in financial difficulty.

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Free Consultation

Your first consultation with us is completely free and you are under no obligation to proceed with us. However, it involves a thorough financial review and a tactical assessment of your various alternatives. We are assured you will leave the meeting with a clear understanding of your options and possible outcomes.

Specialist, Impartial Advice

Bell & Company is not allied to any financial institutions, agencies or outside bodies. This is one of our greatest strengths. It means that, unlike others, we are able to provide impartial advice that is in each client’s best interest and to operate scrupulously on their behalf, free of outside interference.

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