We are hearing from more and more businesses with Peer 2 Peer Lending Pressure from Peer 2 Peer/Fintech lenders.

Coronavirus and its terrible effects are now filtering into the business communities as loans issued, in some instances with poor due diligence, start to Default.

It genuinely gives me no pleasure in saying this is going to be ‘a car crash’

We had an enquiry from a client last week and the precis was:

  1. x6 Peer 2 Peer loans all secured by Personal Guarantees, totalling c£180,000,
  2. Stat Demands and legals ‘flying’ in.
  3. The director’s share of equity in the home is c£100k,
  4. The client was really struggling here, and
  5. Homelife was not great.

Our client fears bankruptcy however our advice is to seriously consider it as:

  1. It will create only one problem and that is dealing with the Equity in home and the Trustee,
  2. Negotiating with Trustees is our forte,
  3. All Peer 2 Peer funds have different approaches to debt recovery. There will be a swathe of proceedings.
  4. Most are very aggressive and they will get worse as they try to protect their position.
  5. If a lender obtains a CCJ they can then move to secure their debt because even in Bankruptcy the Charge will stand and they can look to force the sale.

The next couple of years will be difficult here, but our advice is:

  • Make sure and know what you’ve got,
  • Know what’s at risk and,
  • Know how you’re going to deal with it.

If you’re facing Peer 2 Peer Lending Pressure, give us a call: 0330 159 5820 and for more information on Personal Guarantee exposure issues – check out our website:

Get ready – prepare – know the facts – get the right of advice – THAT’S WHY WE ARE HERE.

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