TEAM BLOG – Welcome back Leah O’Kane- Bankruptcy Expert

Welcome back Leah O’Kane- Bankruptcy Expert

Last week we welcomed Leah O’Kane back to Bell & Company from her maternity leave following the birth of her first child, Charlie.

We are excited to have Leah back and she is a very valuable member of our team likely holding one of the most challenging roles assisting our clients with Bankruptcy. This post follows on from our Blog on Bankruptcy and how useful a tool it can be certain circumstances and this is something Leah will confirm.

Should you want to discuss Bankruptcy then please contact Leah, her details are at the bottom of this post.


Leah O’Kane


Corporate Case Manager

Time with Bell & Company:

2 Years 5 Months

What does your day to day role entail?:

I manage a number of Corporate & Bankruptcy Cases, each case is unique and assistance is tailored around what the Client wishes to achieve.

Since returning from Maternity Leave this month however I will be focusing more on the Bankruptcy side of the Company and attempting to detach the Stigma surrounding Bankruptcy. I will still continue to be involved in a number of Corporate Cases that I previously managed as they will be an integral part of my daily role at Bell & Company.

I work on different Corporate Cases with particular focus on Cases that may have complex Legal issues on-going.

I engage with Solicitors on a daily basis regarding the Legals and engage with the Banks regarding the Corporate debt.

Negotiating is a vital part of my role at Bell & Company, I strive to achieve the best result for the Client should it be in negotiating a Clients Personal Guarantee, Corporate debt or a possible Income Payment Order in Bankruptcy.

I engage with the Insolvency Service also and attend Court with Clients that wish to proceed with Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not always the first option or sometimes the most pleasant option for individuals but it is sometimes the best option.

Each case is thoroughly assessed and all avenues explored before Bankruptcy is discussed with the Client. If the Client wishes to proceed with Bankruptcy then I will guide them through the process and be with them every step of the way.

What do you enjoy most about your position?:

  • Watching a Client leave the Court after the Bankruptcy Hearing and seeing the relief on their face knowing that they are debt free.
  • Debt effects people in very unfortunate scary ways so being able to help a Client realise that there are always options is very rewarding. Even in Bankruptcy it is possible, in the majority of our cases, for the Client to retain their home, vehicle & full income in Bankruptcy.
  • We have great working relationships with our Clients so being able to tell them when a settlement has been achieved is always exciting.
  • I enjoy researching and preparing reports as my position requires me to keep up to date with new Legislation, Legal Precedence, influential Case Law and generally anything that may impact a Clients situation.
  • On a typical day I could be meeting with a Client, meeting with a Bank, completing paper work, issuing proposals or at the Courts. No day is the same and that is what I enjoy about the diversity of my role.


What are main issues you are seeing for clients in your position?:

In many Corporate Cases there is frustration on the significant misconception of true current market value of properties held by Cerberus/Capita by way of security.

Furthermore the stubborn approach adopted by Cerberus in terms of accepting nothing other than full re-payment is entirely unrealistic and will not be achieved.

A more commercial and realistic approach needs to be adopted here so we can push matters forward and reach a conclusion for our Clients.

In numerous Bankruptcy Cases the stigma people believe attached seems to dissuade them, however the stigma is not what it used to be pre 2007 as it is practically non-existent in 2015. Once the Client understands what Bankruptcy actually means and the true effect it will have on their life then they are a lot more content about it all.

Spare time activities:

I Love spending time with my husband and son as they mean the world to me.

If I have a few free days I try visit my amazing family in Dublin.

I enjoy exercising (sometimes) and generally trying to keep fit.

I have a great interest in books also so any time I have free will usually be spent reading.


Contact Details:

Leah O’Kane

11 Rosemary St, Belfast, BT1 1QF

Tel: 02895217373

Mob: 07780452963

Email: [email protected]


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