What Are Debt Strategists?

We Are UK & Ireland’s Leading Debt Strategists

Bell & Company are Debt Strategists and that simply means we develop a strategy to best eradicate a client’s debt. We are approached daily, by people with personal or busines debt and tailor our advice to their individual circumstances to ensure there is a realistic option for them.

Our Experience With Lenders

Given we deal with debt issues day in day out. We understand how most lenders operate, the processes which they use, which departments can assist and their level of empathy or aggression. With our expertise in this field we offer advice, tailored to circumstances and not generic sales talk.

Sometimes the news may not be what the client wants to hear but our mantra has always been honesty. The landscape we work in continually evolves. We keep abreast of changing attitudes and trends. We find that being honest about options and worst case scenarios allows clients to consider what strategy to implement and follow.

Who Are Our Clients?

Bell & Company work with stressed heavily indebted clients every day and we can empathise with your situation, understand the circumstances behind your situation and ultimately deal with any issues arising.  Debt is emotional, and appointing an intermediary to act on your behalf removes the emotion (often anger) from the situation allowing clarity of thought to prevail and more often than not this arises in an amicable settlement with your lender.

Bell & Company remove the emotion from the situation, plan the best strategy, implement the strategy and liaise with your lender to achieve the outcome required.

Our Specialist Services:

1.       Corporate Debt Strategies

Many business owners have non-performing loan related to business operations. Often these are back up by Personal Guarantees bringing personal stress and anxiety.  Bell & Company work with most UK and Northern Irish lenders to ensure Corporate Debt issues are amicably resolved maximising realistic returns for all parties involved.

In an increasing trend, we also negotiate with Equity Funds who have purchased default loan books from Lenders.

2.       Negative Equity Strategies 

Our team work with core UK, Northern Irish and Sub-Prime lending institutions to assist borrowers in Negative Equity. We understand the processes involved and which lenders can be approached when a property is in Negative Equity.

Bell & Company regularly achieve open market sales and successful shortfall negotiations saving clients tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

3.       Personal Insolvency 

Often a last resort. Personal Bankruptcy is an excellent tool provide client circumstances fit. It “clears the decks” and can allow someone to rebuild their life debt free. Our expert team will guide you through the process and answer queries regarding a lot of mis information about Bankruptcy. We are there every step of the process providing emotional support.

4.       Dispute Resolution / Consultancy

our directors have assisted many cases which require dispute resolution and a level head to achieve a result all parties agree with. We also can offer Business Consultancy to SMEs looking for any form of business advice including restructure, expansion, debt issues, non-paying debtors etc.

5.       European Property Advice

Our affiliate company EU Property Solutions offer a range of European Property Services including Negative Equity solutions, Overseas finance and Spanish Deposit Reclaims. Have a look at www.eupropertysolutions.com


If you or anyone you know wants to attend a free initial consultation to discuss your debt issues then please call our team today on 0330 159 5820.

Alternatively, read our E-brochure to view our services. 

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Free Consultation

Your first consultation with us is completely free and you are under no obligation to proceed with us. However, it involves a thorough financial review and a tactical assessment of your various alternatives. We are assured you will leave the meeting with a clear understanding of your options and possible outcomes.

Specialist, Impartial Advice

Bell & Company is not allied to any financial institutions, agencies or outside bodies. This is one of our greatest strengths. It means that, unlike others, we are able to provide impartial advice that is in each client’s best interest and to operate scrupulously on their behalf, free of outside interference.

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