A question we hear a lot from potential client’s in their initial consultation is why can’t I do this myself?

In short there is nothing stopping you attempting to liaise with your creditor yourself. We find it unlikely you will attain the same level of success than if you appointed an intermediary, like Bell & Company.

Making Representations.

Firstly, when making representations many lenders will merely respond with “well you would say that”. By appointing an intermediary, lenders will respect all submissions. Which will be professionally presented and complete. Whereas, doing it alone will mean information is often missed and can slow the process.

Bell & Company has an accountancy background and the presentation of our proposals carries weight and is respected by lenders.

Do you have time?

Another reason to appoint an intermediary, is time.

Do you have time to call a lender and be on the phone for 30 mins to discuss some smaller issues?

Do you have time to prepare a financial statement and provide supporting documentation whilst being able to analyse and therefore justify your proposal? We do this work daily and take the time so you can concentrate on normal matters whilst resting assured your case is being handled.

Dealing with lenders

Bell & Company understands how different lenders work. Not every lender has the same processes and protocols which you are required to meet in order to achieve an amicable settlement. As stated about we do this day in day out and are constantly aware of any changes in processes a lender may undertake and also the levels they will work to. This allows us to work quickly, smartly and effectively to obtain the best results possible.

Debt can be Emotional

Finally, debt is incredibly emotional. There is no hiding from this fact. The emotion of the situation can often cloud your judgement and you will often go into a negotiation situation over aggressively.

Furthermore, the Bank understand you are emotional and will look to perhaps “trip you up” in a conversation and use the emotion to their advantage. Appointing the likes of Bell & Company removes the raw emotion from the situation. Our team cares passionately about our clients and will always do our utmost to get the best result possible.

We approach negotiations pragmatically and can have better dialogue with the lender on your behalf.

Should you or anyone you know find yourself in a situation requiring insolvency advice or debt negotiation then please call Bell & Company today on 0330 159 5820.

We will invite you to attend a free initial consultation at our office or a location to suit you. Our advisers will outline the benefits of our services and give examples of our results previously achieved. We look forward to assisting you.

Terry Bell

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