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Corporate & Business Turnaround successes

Settlement of £78,000 on a £1.2 million liability – Savings of £1,122,000

By Bell & Company | November 16, 2017

In November 2017 we helped a client out of a huge Crystallised Shortfall   A farming client previously held a large property portfolio which was sold, leaving a crystallised balance of £1,200,000.   The Bank was pursuing the balance and commenced legal proceedings to recover the amount.   On appointment, Bell & Company initiated meetings with the…

Personal Guarantee exposure, 97 jobs saved and savings of £560,000

By Bell & Company | November 16, 2017

In October 2017, Bell & Company assisted a multi-site Northern Ireland business with Personal Guarantee exposure.   The clients instructed Bell & Company regarding their Personal Guarantee Exposure of £200,000 and potentiality loss of the company properties to a Fixed Charge Receiver.   The closure of the company would result in 97 employees losing their jobs…

Commercial Settlement at 25%

By Bell & Company | April 19, 2017

Commercial Settlement at 25% A client approached Bell & Company via a recommendation from a previous happy client. The case was complex due to the fact the client had a significant income and equity in their home. The client had a commercial loan with a major lending institution over which the bank held a charge…

Awards Dispute & Loan Sale Prevention

By Bell & Company | April 19, 2017

Awards Dispute & Loan Sale Prevention A pair of business partners parted ways and needed to settle on their commercial debt with a major banking institution in Northern Ireland. In this case, they were partied to litigation with an award due, which would have in excess covered the commercial debt settlement and given significant monies…

Personal Guarantee Exposure – Savings of £300k

By Bell & Company | January 17, 2017

Building Industry Client with Personal Guarantee Exposure Clients, operating within the Building Industry, instructed Bell & Company regarding their Personal Guarantee Exposure of £350,000 At the time of instruction, the health of our Clients’ and their partners had been materially affected with quite serious consequences and so the case was sensitive as a result The subject Bank…

Personal & Property Debt Successes

Mammoth overall savings of 92%!

By Bell & Company | December 20, 2017

Our client approached us with a crystalized debt of over £150,000, owed to a huge banking institution in the Republic of Ireland. The client had not had any contact with the said lender for almost 5 years and had relocated to England to pursue new ventures. Out of nowhere, he received letters from the bank,…

Bell & Company prove benefits of great business relationships

By Bell & Company | December 20, 2017

Bell & Company were recently able to assist a young couple with 2 young children facing eviction from the family home. Bell & Company were appointed and approached the lender seeking a consensual sale, which was accepted by the lender. In this instance, Bell & Company achieved savings of around £105,000, after the agreed open…

First-time investor left with large shortfall

By Bell & Company | November 10, 2017

Bell & Company were contacted by a gentleman who had been left in negative equity on his home. This was the gentleman’s first time investing in property, and unfortunately, just took out a mortgage at simply the wrong time, and had the possibility of insolvency looming over him. At Bell and Company, over our years…

'Buy-to-Let' property stress

By Bell & Company | November 10, 2017

Bell & Company finalise successful negotiations on a buy-to-let property. An older couple based in England approached our company regarding a property they had bought to rent as a holiday home in the south of the country. The lender was known to be notoriously difficult to deal with, so this was an ongoing battle between the…

Eager couple caught in the property crash

By Bell & Company | November 9, 2017

A young  and eager couple were desperate to get themselves on the property market, seeking to invest. Unfortunately, for the eager couple, this was just before the property crash of 2008. The couple found themselves falling victim to a shortfall of just under 100,000 pounds, on one of their buy-to-let properties. With the help of…

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