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Corporate & Business Turnaround successes

Savings of £12,000 were achieved and assets secured

By Bell & Company | June 20, 2018

Liability of £30,000 with a secured asset worth £55,000 sold to ‘vulture fund’, settled for £18,000 A client’s liability was sold to a ‘vulture fund’ and was secured greatly with an asset worth £55,000. Solicitors had been instructed to take possession of the asset before Bell & Company were appointed. We successfully managed to stop legal…

Small Business Personal Guarantee of £50,000 settled for £5,500

By Bell & Company | June 20, 2018

A client with a small business personal guarantee of £50,000 came to us when the Bank initiated Legal proceedings issuing a Summons. The client’s business had suffered because of a large bad debt and that customer’s Bankruptcy would have started a domino effect as our Client could not satisfy the PG in full. The Client…

Savings of £2,810,000 achieved and 40 jobs saved

By Bell & Company | June 20, 2018

Company Debt of £3,200,000 with Personal Guarantee of £2,000.000 and Personal Borrowings of £400,000 sold to ‘vulture fund’ all settled for £790,000 Our Clients’ company debt along with personal borrowings was sold to a ‘vulture fund’. The Company had 40 employees and operated from a manufacturing facility held as part of security by the vulture…

Legacy Debt of £6,500,000 settled, Bankruptcy avoided

By Bell & Company | June 20, 2018

A client with a personal guarantee of £6.5million in the UK came to us with the threat of Bankruptcy looming. The Client had lived with this debt since the 2008 crash and saw no way out. He hadn’t heard from his Bank in several years and had hoped that the debt would one day go…

Settlement of £78,000 on a £1.2 million liability – Savings of £1,122,000

By Bell & Company | November 16, 2017

In November 2017 we helped a client out of a huge Crystallised Shortfall   A farming client previously held a large property portfolio which was sold, leaving a crystallised balance of £1,200,000.   The Bank was pursuing the balance and commenced legal proceedings to recover the amount.   On appointment, Bell & Company initiated meetings with the…

Personal & Property Debt Successes


By Bell & Company | July 18, 2018

Our clients in this situation were a young family with a new baby. They had been struggling to keep up with payments on their mortgage for some time and made the decision to surrender their property back to the lender as the property was in negative equity. This left a crystallised shortfall of £70,000, an…

Overall savings of £28,000 for family of 5

By Bell & Company | July 4, 2018

The case in question was ongoing for several years. Our clients, a family of five, owed in the region of £70,000. The family had fallen on hard times with the breadwinner being made redundant and they were struggling to make payments. Bell & Company entered negotiations with the lender on behalf of the family. The…

£65,000 Saving & Home Protected

By Bell & Company | June 21, 2018

Our client, in this case, had been unable to maintain the payments on her mortgage and had developed huge arrears in an extended period of financial difficulty. The property in question was a 2nd property, which was tenanted. Bell & Company upon initial consultation advised the client on a consensual sale however the lender in…

Eviction avoided & £200,000 shortfall settled for 10%

By Bell & Company | June 21, 2018

Our clients had found themselves in increasingly distressing circumstances and were due to be evicted from their family home. The bank had given the family 10 days to vacate their home before it was repossessed due to arrears on the mortgage. We have developed a great relationship with this particular lender over our years in…

Tricky Shortfall of £40,000 settled for £8,000

By Bell & Company | June 21, 2018

Our client, in this instance, had been with Bell & Company for several years. They had simply invested at the wrong time, just before the property crash of 2008. He owned a problematic buy-to-let property portfolio and had a number of properties now in negative equity. The client’s lender, who are notoriously difficult and reluctant…

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