Corporate Debt & Business turnaround Success Stories

personal guarantee

Personal Guarantee exposure, 97 jobs saved and savings of £560,000

In October 2017, Bell & Company assisted a multi-site Northern Ireland business with Personal Guarantee exposure.   The clients instructed Bell & Company regarding their Personal Guarantee Exposure of £200,000 and potentiality loss of the company properties to a Fixed Charge Receiver.   The closure of the company would result in 97 employees losing their jobs…

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commercial settlement

Commercial Settlement at 25%

Commercial Settlement at 25% A client approached Bell & Company via a recommendation from a previous happy client. The case was complex due to the fact the client had a significant income and equity in their home. The client had a commercial loan with a major lending institution over which the bank held a charge…

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personal guarantee exposure

Awards Dispute & Loan Sale Prevention

Awards Dispute & Loan Sale Prevention A pair of business partners parted ways and needed to settle on their commercial debt with a major banking institution in Northern Ireland. In this case, they were partied to litigation with an award due, which would have in excess covered the commercial debt settlement and given significant monies…

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Personal Guarantee Exposure – Savings of £300k

Building Industry Client with Personal Guarantee Exposure Clients, operating within the Building Industry, instructed Bell & Company regarding their Personal Guarantee Exposure of £350,000 At the time of instruction, the health of our Clients’ and their partners had been materially affected with quite serious consequences and so the case was sensitive as a result The subject Bank…

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Bell & Company

Savings of £2.15M with large Vulture Fund

High level of Corporate debt settled A most intelligent and astute business Client approached us regarding a large level of Corporate Debt, in the region of £2.3m, that he owed to a Vulture Fund. The borrowings were in his own, personal name and had been taken out with a locally based institution however had been sold on…

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property associated debt

Savings of £700,000 & Settlement at 4.1%

Property Associated Debt -A farming Client of ours contacted for advice regarding a property associated debt he had with a primary, local lender. -Our Client had no interest in the properties, which had been untenanted for quite some time, were costing him money and thus he was happy to work through a consensual sale process…

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property debt issues

Property secured & savings achieved of £380,000

Property secured through third party who worked with our client -Property secured for clients of ours, working in the Hospitality Industry, approached our offices, noticeably distressed at the pressure they were experiencing regarding their debt situation -They owed c£700,000 to a primary, local lending institution and security was held over their business premises and several other investment properties of great importance to…

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Debt settlement

Business borrowings in personal name

Debt settlement -A retail Client of ours had a debt settlement who was involved in an acrimonious breakdown with a local Bank regarding money he owed to them for which he was personally exposed. -There was a shortfall of c£400,000 owed on his own home, further to a consensual sale negotiation involving an agreed third party and…

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Personal Guarantee

Client retained all security

Corporate debt settlement – Savings of £1.8m on the shortfall thereafter. -A Client, whose primary business was in Residential Care, approached our offices seeking advice regarding pursuit by an investment giant for an amount owing of c£4.7m -His loans had been sold on by the original Banking Institution and our Client feared that he would lose…

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