By on October 1st, 2015


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You may recall over the last month we have been placing a focus on Cerberus. In fact I took it upon myself to write a paper on the subject for my most recent MBA modules such is breadth of scope and detail regarding their acquisition of loan books both in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (Sad man but true!)

Whilst there has been a lot of bad news regarding their acquisition of Project Eagle from NAMA, with particular scrutiny placed on their debt collection techniques and also a government fixers fee, Bell & Company from the outset have advised their clients to work with Cerberus. At the end of the day we can only work with what is in front of us and understanding their protocol, as we do, can achieve excellent results. This is vindicated with Cerberus advising a Stormont committee of significant write downs.

Details of Cerberus’ action to date:

  • £1.87 billion written off from original £4 billion outstanding balance of Project Eagle Portfolio
  • The above includes the release of some Personal Guarantees at reasonable settlement rates
  • Around half the assets in the portfolio, roughly 430, have been sold or refinanced.
  • Cerberus claims to have assisted a stimulation in the Northern Ireland property market with “key developers now active again”
  • Furthermore, the US firm confirms the “vast majority of outcomes are achieved without resource to litigation.”

Bell & Company have long believed there to be a real opportunity for our clients to work with Cerberus and extricate themselves from non-performing default loans. When with NAMA or the Ulster Bank negotiations often become stagnated but with Cerberus we have found there to be a real proactive approach working out what is best for all parties.

Should you or anyone you know had your loan sold to Cerberus then please contact Karen in the office today on 028 9521 7373 to arrange your free initial consultation.

James Bell – London Office Manager.