Independent advice on how Coronavirus & the Government response affects industry & could increase business & personal debt.

Bell & Company are here to help you manage the business debt gap due to the crisis from Coronavirus. Even with government debt help we are seeing a rise in enquiries from gym & leisure owners, hospitality owners, construction and retail bosses. So if you have overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential insolvency due to Coronavirus, call us now for impartial, up-to-date advice on how to resolve your debt problems triggered by Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Business Debt Help

How we can help you

The UK & Irish governments have released billions in funding for businesses through a range of grants and loans to try and avoid business closure and loss of jobs during the Coronavirus crisis. Whilst this help is welcome the reality is financial help such as the large business interruption loan scheme, furloughing employees and even the deferment of tax & VAT will one day have to be paid back. And that means pressure on business and cashflow further down the line.

Banks have also created loan schemes, prompted by government, such as the business interruption loan scheme, future fund and bounce-back loans to help businesses through the coronavirus crisis. But as with every loan, there will be risk involved and the potential to overstretch is there – especially if personal guarantee exposure is a feature of your business set-up.

As independent debt advisors we realise that coronavirus is a unique event that was unforeseen when you set up your business. That said, loans and business help follow a familiar pattern and we have identified pressure points for the retail, hospitality, construction and leisure industries that could leave the owners of these businesses under severe financial stress.

Some of the financial pressures will be immediate. But most will occur later in the year and the pressure of snow-balling into heavy debt leading to personal asset exposure for many. Personal finances will be under extreme pressure and SME owners, even those seeking self-employment and small limited company help need to understand the help and advice will change the longer this crisis goes on.

All business owners across the United Kingdom & Ireland now face the prospect of losing everything they worked hard for because of the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand this is a worrying and uncertain time for you, that’s why we’re here to alleviate your financial issues. Our expert team will provide you with the best advice on Coronavirus business debt help and guidance on how you can manage issues such as Cash Flow, HMRC Debts, FRI Leases and debt with trade creditors.

Gyms & Leisure

The issues of Full Repairing and Insuring (FRI) property leases comes to the forefront for Gym owners across the UK. Our team has a real depth of legal and financial experience in dealing with FRI property leases, so we can mediate effectively with your landlord and any of your creditors with the aim to reach the best possible outcome for you. The current pressure on gym owners has been amplified due to coronavirus and the government debt help through the form of grants will only last a few months unless extended.

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Finding it difficult to maintain your cash flow? Have you had to close your business? We are here to help you respond to the long-term implications of Coronavirus on your business whether that be assessing a triggered Personal Guarantee on the back of an FRI property lease or negotiating with your creditors on outstanding arrears. Brick and mortar retailers are particularly exposed due to the coronavirus crisis as they rely on footfall, something lockdown and social-distancing regulations have impacted greatly.

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Has your supply chain been severally disrupted? Struggling to pay your trade creditor? If your struggling to maintain cashflow within your business and are worried about the long-term implications – (overheads / employee costs) of the Coronavirus, you have come to the right place. Our specialist team are on hand to provide the BEST assistance to alleviate your financial pressures. Coronavirus has impacted contracts and construction supply chains in a way that could never have been envisaged when signed.

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Business owners within the hospitality sector often rely on their trade creditors for the day-to-day running of their businesses. The pressure due to the Coronavirus crisis means that this industry will be hugely affected even when the lockdown ends – as this business is people-based built around social interaction. So, when these creditors apply pressure, either by withdrawing access to vital supplies, or restricting their availability, this can create an extremely challenging time for your business – we are here to help.

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