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Debt can cause an immense amount of pressure and stress that completely takes over a person’s life. Not only is the person in debt affected, but those close to them are also directly impacted, emotionally and often financially. Such a negative impact on your immediate circle can lead to feelings of isolation and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. 

Our guides provide helpful advice to help you navigate various stressful situations that many of our clients encounter. We know that this is not a solution to all your problems. Accessible for download 24/7, these resources provide immediate clarity on your situation and equip you to take the first steps towards a resolution. In this blog, we will break down four common financial issues. For an issue that resonates with you, click the heading of the corresponding guide to download and begin your path to resolution. 

Directors’ Liability

It is common for business directors to feel uncertain about personal liabilities. This can cause an underestimation of the impact your business debt can have on your personal finances and day-to-day life.  

We see people reaching out to us in distress almost daily due to cash flow problems like the one described in this YouTube short. They have buried their heads in the sand, putting off the reality of the situation and, therefore, the solution. We urge you to take control as quickly as possible when dealing with debt. By pinning down a solution, you can start to take the necessary and helpful action. This can help calm the noise and confusion as the situation begins to make sense.  

Our Director’s Debt Help Guide strips away the business jargon and delves into what happens when you, as a director, find yourself in debt. Whether you use our guides or work with a consultant, we aim to help you regain control of your financial situation.  

Construction Debt

Much like navigating a construction project, construction debt can be a complex undertaking that’s best left to professionals to avoid misunderstandings. As you know all too well, these misunderstandings often lead to costly fees, uncertainty and high levels of anxiety.  

However, our debt strategists are experts in their field and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate the wide range of scenarios that may arise if you find yourself in this position. Examples of this may include inaccurate estimates or inconsistent contingency budgets.  

If you’re encountering either of these or a similar problem, our Construction Debt Guide will help you navigate towards the best solution.  

In this short YouTube video, we have broken down the responsibilities of our debt strategists to help you understand why they are considered experts in their field.  

Personal Guarantees  

Believing certain myths around personal guarantees can lead to turbulent consequences. Many people are often misled and find themselves in an unprecedented position.  

A personal guarantee can be enforced the second a business cannot provide any of its due payments. Many lenders will allow a short grace period to enable the business to settle any arrears. However, this is not always the case Often, the trigger for this is insolvency.  

While negotiation is an option, navigating this situation with professional representation is strongly advised to significantly improve your chances of success. Our debt strategists leverage exclusive communication channels to secure the best possible outcomes in your debt negotiation. We’ll also shield you from the relentless hounding and confusing jargon, making the debt resolution process smoother. 

Read our Personal Guarantee Guide to fully understand this situation and dispel common myths around personal guarantees, such as why you believe it may be invalid. If you have any questions, you can avail of a free initial consultation with our debt strategists. 


Bankruptcy can be a stressful and overwhelming journey. New pressures, legalese, and unfamiliar professionals can quickly make daily life feel chaotic. Without a clear understanding of the situation, current options, and potential outcomes, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed and allow the problem to spiral out of control. Our Bankruptcy Guide breaks down the process, key terms and impacts of bankruptcy to help you get a handle on the situation.  

Further Resources 

We understand debt can be a complex and overwhelming issue. That’s why we offer a wealth of free resources to empower you through every step. The downloadable guides mentioned in this blog tackle some of our most popular topics, providing clear and actionable advice. 

But these are only some of the topics covered! Our library also includes crucial topics like: 

  • Liquidating a business: Navigate the process with confidence and ensure a smooth closure. 
  • CBILS and BBLS: Understand these government-backed loan schemes and what to do if you’re struggling with your repayments. 

With a comprehensive range of free resources, we equip you with the knowledge and clarity you need to tackle financial challenges head-on. 

If you do not see a guide relevant to your situation on our website, please let us know.  

Visit our YouTube channel, where we share helpful hints and tips on a variety of debt issues. We also outline various case studies, including one situation in which we reached a bankruptcy settlement for a client, saving them £315,000. 

All our guides are available for free download from our website. If you wish to get in touch with us for more clarity on your situation, discussions on the guides, or to discuss your predicament at length on a free, no-obligation basis, please contact us. You can do this by emailing [email protected] or phoning 0333 305 4331.

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