Eager couple caught in the property crash

By on November 9th, 2017


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A young  and eager couple were desperate to get themselves on the property crash, seeking to invest.

Unfortunately, for the eager couple, this was just before the property crash of 2008. The couple found themselves falling victim to a shortfall of just under 100,000 pounds, on one of their buy-to-let properties.

With the help of the dedicated team at Bell & Company, they were able to surrender their property, back to the bank and settle on the shortfall for around about 10% of the money owed. This couple were then able to move on with their lives, without the burden of debt.

Like all cases at Bell & Company our team was very hands-on, we are expert negotiators with a wealth of experience in dealing with many types of lenders.

If you are experiencing similar issues and need assistance in property debt, then call us today. Our negotiators are experiencing excellent settlements even in times where lenders are changing their protocols.