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By on April 28th, 2016


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How to organise a free consultation 

When you call Bell & Company you will speak to our Business Relationship team. Our personnel in this team are trained to assess your situation, outline the services we offer and ultimately arrange your free initial consultation with an advisor.

Often many individuals who contact us are quite shocked when we ask for information to be prepared for the meeting. Although there a few items required it isn’t a time consuming exercise and you will often have documentation stored safely somewhere.

Despite the information being quite personal and financially sensitive it is important you provide as much of this as possible. With this and honesty regarding your situation our advisors can work with you to plan a potential route forward to end your debt burden. It is imperative you are honest about your circumstances as Bell & Company have had to deal with cases when crucial information wasn’t given upfront and came up mid-way through negotiations. This jeopardises any chance of success.

Our motto has always been “Professional Independent Debt Advice.” Supplying documentation and being upfront with Bell & Company allows us to deliver the best tailored service to your circumstances.  Also the exercise of a financial review is quite beneficial to you yourself, you can budget better and be more aware of you finances.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from any of Bell & Company’s services then please contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation. Provided you are upfront and provide the information we request we are sure our advisors can assist.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rosemary Street.