Negative Equity – How to Deal with it

At Bell & Company, we’re here to help you manage that gap, so if you’ve overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential Insolvency or Bankruptcy, call us now for impartial advice on how to resolve your debt problems....more

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Negative Equity – How to Deal with it

This is a geographic phenomenon in the UK, with the South of England usually exempt from it. The crash of 2008 saw the market plummet and ridiculous lending saddled people with negative equity. At Bell & Company, we continue to operate with clients here in NI and ROI.

We have helped hundreds of people alleviate negative equity and extended this across Europe, especially in Spain and Cyprus under our EU Property Solutions brand.

If faced with Negative Equity on a property, you need to quickly assess your asset and liability situation. Because if the negative equity is crystallised, the lender will request the repayment of any shortfall.

Sometimes the negative equity comes in the form of a claim by a lender if the property was repossessed and then ultimately sold.

Any settlement achieved from a negative equity situation stems from:

    • The borrowers net asset position,
    • Their income,
    • Conduct during the loan, and
    • The Lender’s attitude to settling.

Obviously, the lender’s attitude is key but so is the presentation of the case and knowledge of that lender. At Bell & Company that is what we do.

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Bell & Company work with all industries, including construction, hospitality, retail and farming – whatever your business, we can help.

We’ll do everything we can to keep your company on its feet, but if you do need to go down a route of insolvency, we develop and implement strategies that will work. These strategies are tailored to your individual needs to get the outcome that you want.

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From the outset, we establish clear bottom lines with our clients, so we understand what their priorities are and what must be protected. We then create a strategy to navigate the way out of corporate and personal debt with impartial advice and rigorous action.

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The team at Bell & Company combine technical expertise with over a decade’s experience, to find the strategies and solutions to resolve our clients’ debt dilemmas. This means that when you’re with us, you can be assured that we’re working for your best possible outcome.

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