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At Bell & Company, we’re here to help you manage that gap, so if you’ve overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential insolvency, call us now for impartial advice on how to resolve your debt problems.

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Guarantee icon Personal Guarantee Issues

Any business experiencing financial difficulty as a result of commercial debt as well as any Director or individual who may be personally exposed as a result of having signed a Personal Guarantee for a Limited Company in respect of its loans, leases etc. Typically, our Client’s businesses will be struggling as a result of over-extension on loans.

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Call icon HMRC issues

What if your business has received letters of Demand or Enforcement action? Or perhaps you are expecting a visit from a HMRC field agent? Above all, don’t panic and don’t ignore them. Call us, we have vast experience and can explain the implications of HMRC’s communications and the options that are open to your business.

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Call icon Pre-Insolvency Advice

Pre-Insolvency is not always the best outcome for everyone. It is completely dependent on individual circumstances.

Bell & company are different because we offer impartial advice to all clients and are able to advise on all options considering potential strengths and weaknesses. We offer a free initial case review to assess all options and the merits of each.

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Debt icon Debt restructuring & refinance

Business owners often rely on their commercial lenders for the day-to-day funding of their businesses. So when these commercial lenders apply pressure, either by withdrawing access to funds, or restricting its availability, this can create an extremely challenging time for the business.

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Stamp icon Dispute Resolution

When any of our clients face a difficult legal and financial dispute, such as a business split, issues around negligence or even divorce, we always advise them to seek the very best legal counsel. Yet inevitably any difficult legal issue relating to your business will also have a major financial component. So, it makes sense to draw on our financial skills and negotiating services too.

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Lender icon Creditor or lender negotiation

A business operating without electricity, water or gas isn’t going to last very long. And it might prove awkward if main suppliers withhold their products and/or services. In other words, even when business is tight and cash flow restricted, it’s vital to keep your general and trade creditors on board. It’s imperative that all communications are maintained with creditors and Bell and Company can help you in this regard.

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