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Bell & Company understand that disputes occur in Business, often with people/partners you previously trusted making it an emotional and difficult process to resolve. Our expert team have resolved Business disputes in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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Dispute Resolution

Your legal & financial team for legal and financial dispute resolution

“I’m not sure where the legal case is going, and I’m concerned by the financial implications?”

Anyone can face a difficult legal and financial dispute, such as a business split, issues around negligence or even divorce. We always advise them to seek the very best legal counsel. Yet inevitably any difficult legal issue relating to your business will also have a major financial component. So, it makes sense to draw on our financial skills and negotiating services too.

Over the years Bell & Company has supported many clients in cases that involve legal and financial dispute resolution. We bring a strong element of clear-headed, impartial and pragmatic thinking to such cases.

This means that not only can we clarify the financial implications of any legal approach that is being considered, we are also able to keep our client’s feet firmly planted in terms of the practical cash flow impacts of prolonged legal confrontation. In other words, our job is to act as your financial guide and mentor, to bring direction and focus in such matters and ensure that you achieve the very best financial dispute resolution.

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A telephone call to Bell & Company’s Legal and Financial Dispute team at could start a process that will:

– Look to find a resolution to your legal and/or financial dispute

– Carry out a full review of your position

– Gain an in-depth understanding of the financial & legal dispute in hand

– Work seamlessly alongside your legal team

– Help to achieve an optimum balance between legal gain and financial cost

– Maintain your peace of mind throughout

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A legal and financial dispute may seem daunting so it’s vital that you arm yourself with the best legal and financial advice available. We are experts in this area, and we bring the focus and attention to achieve your end goal. Check out our recent successes below:

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Free Consultation

From the outset, we establish clear bottom lines with our clients, so we understand what their priorities are and what must be protected. We then create a strategy to navigate the way out of corporate and personal debt with impartial advice and rigorous action.

Specialist, Impartial Advice

There are some very sharp minds at Bell & Company, so we’re extremely adept at finding unconventional strategies and solutions to resolve our clients’ debt dilemmas. This means that when you’re with us, you can be assured that we’re working for your best possible outcome.

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