Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Pub, Bar, Restaurant and Hotels industries. Whilst there's limited support coming from the government, we are finding that hospitality owners having premises shut, staff furloughed and bills mounting, are facing increasing debt risk. Whilst we don't seek to capitalise on this crisis we can't ignore the increasing calls for debt help from this industry. It's important to get the right advice at this crucial time and going forward.

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As the UK & Irish governments release funds and loans for the hospitality industry to avoid business closure and loss of jobs during the Coronavirus crisis, Bell & Company have seen Hospitality Business Debt Advice enquiries and “chatter” increase recently.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant that Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels have had to shut their doors and essentially cease trade. This is jeopardising their business’ longevity and in many cases, the prospect of ever re-opening their doors.

Government shut down of whole sectors of the economy is having a profound impact, especially those in the hospitality sector.


 ‘’My restaurant is under pressure due to the impact of Coronavirus.  My cashflow has ceased and I can’t pay my HMRC or business rates bills, what are my options?’’.

If you identify with the above scenario. Or any of the below debt-related issues, having a chat with an Independent Professional Insolvency Advisor can help.

    • Business Rent
    • Rates
    • Utilities
    • HMRC
    • Suppliers

Whatever problems your business is facing, it is important that you obtain the best professional advice as soon as possible.


Some of the causes of this downturn can be attributed to the general economic conditions experienced prior to Coronavirus (Covid-19), including increased rents and business rates. If a business is therefore struggling, the biggest personal exposure could be the lease of the business premises, whether it be retail, industrial, or offices.

If your business was experiencing a pre-existing problem. It is very likely the inflexibility of FRI leases will very quickly become a serious issue, especially those FRI leases supported by Personal Guarantees.

FRI leases of Hospitality business premises are the biggest personal exposure. This means any act of Insolvency or decision by the landlord can trigger the assigned Personal Guarantee which will put your assets, such as your home, at risk.

FRI’s are onerous and not fit for purpose in today’s tenancy agreements. Most commercial tenancies are based on these and are at best inflexible. Our statement that “they are not fit for purpose” revolves around the ever-changing, fast-moving commercial environment we exist in today.


Our team has a real depth of legal and financial experience in dealing with Personal Guarantees, so we can mediate effectively with your creditors with the aim to reach the best possible outcome for you.

If you are a Hospitality business owner of a Pub, Bar, Restaurant or Hotel, which is experiencing problems due to business debts – contact us today on 0330 159 5820 or [email protected]

We don’t aim to capitalise on the current Coronavirus crisis but we are seeing growth in enquiries from hospitality owners.

Coronavirus has devastated the Pub, Club, Restaurant, B&B and Hotel sectors. If we are to take current advice on social distancing and science-based evidence on how coronavirus spreads you will understand that even if lock-down is lifted soon the nature of the hospitality sector, being people based, could mean constant challenges in running facilities and serving customers, if the advice becomes a permanent feature. This could mean less footfall and pressure on cashflow at a time when loans and debts will need repaid.

The hotel & B&B sector also will face increasing challenges if, as predicted, the tourism and aviation industries face an uphill battle to survive. The knock-on effect to this sector could be even more impactful.

As independent debt advisors we realise that coronavirus is a unique event that was unforeseen when you set up your business. That said, loans and business help follow a familiar pattern and we have identified pressure points within the hospitality sector that could leave the owners of these businesses under severe financial stress.

Personal finances and assets will be under extreme pressure and SME owners, even those seeking self-employment and small limited company help need to understand the help and advice will change the longer this crisis goes on.

All business owners across the United Kingdom & Ireland now face the prospect of losing everything they worked hard for because of the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand this is a worrying and uncertain time for you, that’s why we’re here to alleviate your financial issues. Our expert team will provide you with the best advice on Coronavirus business debt help and guidance on how you can manage issues such as Cash Flow, HMRC Debts, VAT deferment and debt with trade creditors.

‘As we always say, know the worst and then achieve the best from there’

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