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The team at Bell & Company help business owners across the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, who find themselves in financial difficulty for one reason or another.

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Personal guarantee issues

“I signed a personal guarantee for a company loan and now the creditor is demanding that I repay it.”

This is something we hear with increasing frequency and we know that it can be frightening to find that your personal assets, including your home, may be at risk. If you are in this situation, don’t despair. Call Bell & Company. We specialise in helping clients who have one or more personal guarantees and or directors personal guarantee, so let us negotiate with your creditors and look to resolving the situation.

It can be a traumatic experience to have a personal guarantee enforced, just when your business is struggling. Even the prospect of an enforcement seems daunting. We have over 25 years’ experience in negotiations around personal guarantees and directors’ personal guarantees and we’ve helped hundreds of business owners and directors in similar situations, so we are extremely good at what we do. We will guide you every step of the way, handle the legal documentation and enquiries and keep you informed throughout. Our aim is to protect your financial status and/or your business as well as your emotional wellbeing.

What we do

Our team has real depth legal and financial experience. We can mediate effectively with your creditors with the aim to reach the best possible outcome for you. We’re on your side. And we have helped hundred’s of individuals whose assets were at risk.

If that letter of statutory demand arrives, don’t panic. Contact our team.

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Has your Personal Guarantee been called upon or do you feel it will be?

Check out our latest webinar about the issues surrounding Personal Guarantees and the new exposures to many SME business owners, now more than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:



You can trust Bell & Company

  • We will see every personal guarantee case through until the end
  • We are experienced in negotiating with creditors
  • We have helped many directors with director’s personal guarantees
  • We are transparent from the start with our costs, your first consultation is free
  • We’ll give you a clear, honest assessment of your options in regard to your personal guarantee
  • You’ll have our best legal, financial and insurance specialists working on your behalf who are familiar with personal guarantees
  • Our team will negotiate tenaciously on your behalf
  • You’ll find us open, approachable and compassionate to deal with.

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3. Gain peace of mind at last, knowing you’re in safe hands

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Free Consultation

From the outset, we establish clear bottom lines with our clients, so we understand what their priorities are and what must be protected. We then create a strategy to navigate the way out of corporate and personal debt with impartial advice and rigorous action.

Specialist, Impartial Advice

There are some very sharp minds at Bell & Company, so we’re extremely adept at finding unconventional strategies and solutions to resolve our clients’ debt dilemmas. This means that when you’re with us, you can be assured that we’re working for your best possible outcome.

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