Introducing Our Business & Financial Turnaround Service

By on May 5th, 2017


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Introducing our Business & Financial Turnaround Service

What does this mean?

Business Turnaround, put simply involves a review of a Business to ensure the best financial solutions and efficiencies are used, when faced with an inefficient finance structure and /or potential insolvency.

At Bell & Company, our specialised consultancy service investigates the overall positions of the business to include creditors, debtors, revenue, growth, employees, and importantly any personal exposures.

On this basis, we provide Business Turnaround solutions to ensure your business keeps running, avoiding insolvency where possible and maximising revenue and growth. If insolvency is your route then we utilise the legal processes available to protect you and can help create, implement & manage specific insolvency strategies, to best look after your interests.

Issues Covered

Issues generally covered typically by our Business Turnaround services include:

  • Business Review and Restructure
  • HMRC Issues
  • Debt Restructuring + Refinance
  • Director Representation
  • Personal Guarantee Issues
  • Pre-Insolvency Advice
  • Starting again
  • Asset protection

Business Position and Health Check

Spotting warning signs to diagnose the problems is our what we do, but our real strength comes from providing strategies assisting businesses, working in all areas such as farming, construction, retail, and hospitality.

Our experts have worked across many sectors and specialise in all areas of business associated debt, advising on issues relating to businesses’ general health. Our specialities include:

  • Creditor/ Lender Negotiations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Finance & Debt Facilities
  • Loans Sales and Vulture Funds

Independent Add On Service

Our Independent consultancy service acts as an “add on” service to your existing financial and legal teams. We work on an impartial basis to ensure the best advice is given to your business, utilising all possible options and outlining strategies.

In addition to this service, our teams work with variety of clients with issues on a personal basis, ensuring all aspects of their circumstances are advised on, these include the following issues:

  • Negative Equity / Mortgage Shortfall – Across Europe
  • Insolvency Advice
  • Property Debt Issues

Case Study

We recently assisted a director of a company under considerable pressure from HMRC, after a significant bad debt.

A strategy involving the purchase of the assets of the business at market value achieved. These funds where then used by an insolvency practitioner to liquidate the company and pay a dividend to the creditor.

To all initials and purpose the business was saved.

What To Do Next!

If you are a business and are finding yourself in a difficult position and in fear of becoming insolvent, or in midst of going through the process, fear not there is always hope!

At all stages before and during liquidation we can assist you and offer you the best advice on your situation. Consider our impartial approach as a third party dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible solution.

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