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By on December 22nd, 2015


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It’s the time of year when we over indulge and spend time with family and close friends and from us all at Bell & Company we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I would like to take time to thank the team here at Bell & Company who continue to work incredibly hard and achieve life changing results on a regular basis, I wish them all a Merry Christmas and hope they take the time to recharge and approach 2016 refreshed and ready to go.

To clarify the office is closed from 24 December 2015 to 4 January 2016, but we understand that some you of you will need to contact us in this period. We know the Banks will likely send out bad news at this time of year trying to pressurise clients over the festive period. Do not succumb to their childish games and contact the team member assisting you.

We would ask you don’t expect the team to call you straight back but perhaps pen a text or an email with your enquiry and we will do our utmost to contact you as quickly as possible. Please ensure you have the team members contact details including mobile phone number and email address.

As highlighted above despite this being the time of year for good will many individuals across Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland will still be suffering the burden debt pressures bring over Christmas. Don’t delay and feel free to contact as us anytime. Over the festive period our landline will not be manned but feel free to send an email to [email protected] and someone will be in contact. Alternatively connect with us on Linkedin and we can come back to your enquiry and arrange a free initial consultation as soon as possible.

Have a great Christmas.

Terry Bell

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