Negative Equity In Northern Ireland

By on October 14th, 2016


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Negative Equity In Northern Ireland

We are still as busy as ever unfortunately, although it is really Rewarding helping people relieve themselves from a stressful situation.

Recently we have dealt with a lot of people we had met previously but had decided they would wait and see if the properties would increase in value. We have seen the stats this week indicate property prices are still 40% below the pre-crash peak. People now just want to move on with their lives, so we are finding people returning for help.

Another are of growth we have seen recently is people who have negative equity investment properties in the North of England, unfortunately when things started going crazy in Northern Ireland people hungry for more property decided the north of England was a good place to buy.

Often the investors didn’t do enough research of  the area an consequently have ended up buying in an area that is very run down with little chance of being re-generated. And in some cases their properties will be bought back by the government in a compulsory purchase, which still leaves them in negative equity and needing our help.

The other issue with the North of England is the distance and having to rely on property managers, and we have heard about some horror stories on this front.


With all these cases there is a way out, please get in touch

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