Nobody ever wants to go bankrupt, but we need to understand the basic premise of Bankruptcy provisions are here for:

  1. To look to push somebody who owes you some form of debt, to the brink and beyond. IF (i.e. make sure) they have the assets (e.g. home) they can be realised to release funds to meet your debt, or, and this is important,
  2. If you are under pressure avail yourself of the Bankruptcy law to protect yourself from your lenders.

Bell & Company always ensure that we offer Independent Professional Insolvency Advice in each and every case – it’s our mantra.

Many people don’t like to hear it, but often Bankruptcy can be the best option to alleviate their debt burden. Bell & Company provide this level of advice and expertise.

We hear of advisors claiming that Bankruptcy is not the answer and look to sell you into other Formal Insolvency options such as IVA’s.

A lot of these IVA’s are not fit for purpose.

When approached we consider every option with the backdrop of Bankruptcy. It can also assist in our negotiations as lenders will regularly use the ‘B’ word as a threat.

At Bell & Company, we take the ‘elephant in the room’ approach with Bankruptcy.

Our clients don’t necessarily want to be declared Bankrupt but if it happens, they will secure less and the realisation of the funds will take possibly years.

At Bell & Company, we understand the stigma attached to Bankruptcy and the negative connotations, however, many clients who we have assisted through Bankruptcy feel a great burden has been lifted and often yield a better result than if they used other options, an example to follow…

WE WOULD SAY THIS BUT…by approaching Debt Strategists such as Bell & Company, you can to an extent control your Bankruptcy and ensure the effects of the process are minimised, which in fact will be beneficial to you in the long term.

Furthermore, following the global financial crisis and subsequent debt affliction across Europe, the stigma has been removed.

Many understand now the need for Personal Insolvency when facing unsustainable indebtedness. People start the process of rebuilding their credit score and in turn stimulating the economy as a whole.

What we like about Bankruptcy is that it effectively “clears the decks” and can give you a fresh start. Obviously, there are negatives including:

  1. Assets at risk,
  2. Damage to your credit score, and
  3. Certain restrictions during the year period in which you are Bankrupt

Bell & Company always detail the full ramifications of any Insolvency process be it IVA or Bankruptcy. There is a mass of misinformation out there with all the ‘bar room’ lawyers. Make sure you are party to the true facts.

We have assisted many through Bankruptcy – attending all relevant hearings and giving advice on how to conduct your affairs in line with The Insolvency Service requirements.

Should you have any debt issues and believe you can benefit from our services then please call us today on 0330 159 5820.

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