A former couple had been under the weight of a huge shortfall of over £105,000. They were both trying to move on with their individual lives, but, this lender, in particular, remained unsympathetic to their situation. After a number of weeks negotiating, the lender placed the file on hold for a year, hoping for a change in circumstance that may lead to a higher return for them. This, of course, was unreasonable on all fronts.

The individuals wished to move on with their lives but were tied together with this debt. The bank remained solid that they were not negotiating for a year regarding this case. Our team strategized and decided to adopt a different approach to the lender. Within a few weeks, the lender had been convinced to accept the offer at 20% of their shortfall.

Like all cases at Bell & Company our team was very hands on, but in this case, when faced with obstacles from the lender, our team devised new strategies and became even more determined to get the best deal for our client, which is a testament to our success. Expert Negotiators with a wealth of experience in dealing with many types of lenders.

If you are experiencing similar issues and need assistance in property debt, then call us today. Our negotiators are experiencing excellent settlements even in times where lenders are changing their protocols.

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