We work with a diverse clientele base on dispute resolutions, who sometimes find themselves in disputes and conflicts regarding:

Everybody’s goal should endeavour to resolve any dispute between parties and achieve an amicable resolution without litigation. We aim to keep costs at a minimum and achieve the best result for our clients. Sometimes legals are required, but the focus should be kept on the economic outcome.

Recently a client was involved in litigation and a claim of c£500,000 against his company. The outcome was a judgment against his company for £74,000, but the legal costs were c£120,000+. We represented our client and negotiated the total c£194,000 considerably downwards accordingly…the polite phrase.

When dealing with disputes, it’s important that all surrounding facts are considered. Then and only then can we tailor a specific strategy to your case.

If there’s a dispute between parties, we endeavour to resolve this with a mutually beneficial arrangement whilst maintaining your best interests.

In most situations, the opposing party or their third-party advisors become more open in their communication with professional representatives such as Bell & Company. If appointed, we aim to outline the benefits in a mutual agreement and fully substantiate your position, so the opposing party can see the benefits in a resolution.

If a debt is involved, we adopt an informal Pre-Insolvency approach as opposed to the formal Insolvency which sees you eventually lose control. Maintaining control of the situation is key to getting the best result, however, most clientele find it difficult to keep control as they struggle with the personal aspects of a case.

It is important to note, however, that control is not lost even if your case has progressed to litigation or legal enforcement. Sometimes it is necessary to get legal counsel to obtain the best legal advice. In this instance, we would work alongside your legal team to get you the best result.

Sometimes litigation gets complicated and a third party, such as Bell & Company, is key to keeping you informed.

There are many cases we have worked on where the legal process clouds the sight of the final goal. It’s important to keep your legal team informed throughout. 

The settlement process can be longer when litigation is in progress, but we will be with you every step of the way.

An example of a case where Bell & Company helped resolve can be seen below:


The above is an actual example of a recent case at Bell & Company – it’s what we do.

Know what can be achieved, understand fully what all the stakeholders’ positions are, take advice BUT give instruction.

In such cases, it has to be about achieving the best economic result as quickly as possible.

Costs can be your enemy but can also be your friend…strangely – call us to find out what I mean by this – 0330 159 5820.

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