Foreign Property Issues: Can Bell & Company Help?

Pre-2008 many UK and Irish citizens invested in property throughout Europe. Back then property prices where only going one way, showing a rapid upward trend. However, as we are all aware property prices across Europe have plummeted since 2008.

Bell & Company where approached a few years ago, by existing clients who had property debt in Spain. Given our successful record in solving their difficulties closer to home we undertook the case and are happy to say it was a success saving the client over a hundred thousand Euros.

From this case, we opted to develop a separate business unit and proudly introduce EU Property Solutions who over the last couple of years have been assisting clients across Europe.

EU Property Solutions country of expertise is Spain and we have opened an office base in the Costa Del Sol. From our Spanish activities, we have successfully assisted people with distressed property on Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca and Mallorca. Our Spanish team assist investors with property problems in Spain as well as foreign property tax and community fee issues.

In Spain we have developed an array of knowledge and the local nuances and how each lender works. As a result, we have saved clients huge sums on mortgage shortfall debt.

Spain isn’t our only area of operation and we have settled cases in Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria and Canada.

Have a look at EU Property Solutions website www.eupropertysolutions.com to review our services.

You can call Bell & Company any time on 02895 217373 to discuss any debt issue across Europe.

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