Mental Health and DebtMental Health & Debt – The Worst

Not a great subject I know, Mental Health and Debt, but one that needs to be aired more as the very real issue of mental health comes more to the fore.

Sadly we see a lot of people struggling with the burden of debt and have seen many people deteriorate both mentally and physically, in some instances very quickly.

Debt is the most prevalent and the worst contributor to mental health and is so hard to shake off.

It very often becomes a 24/7 issue for people and the worst of it is that it doesn’t get better before it is knowingly attacked.

We experience every single day clients’ problems and their pressures with debt.

A lot is said about mental health but that caused by debt is to my mind the worst form of all. Typically, it involves the following in an all-pervading way:

As an example of context, I had two meetings with two completely different individuals, on the same day:


A lovely humble man who had got himself into a bit of trouble with a couple of credit cards. He rolled them into a loan of £15,000 and was now struggling to service it.

His GP had sent him to us as he was concerned with his well-being and quite rightly so; this man was in a bad way.

The gentleman had listened to many different ‘bar room lawyers’ and was distressed to say the least. We spoke to the lender and arranged for repayments to be set at £30pcm against the contractual amount of £311pcm. Then we settled on a full and final basis of £3,000 using a Credit Union facility 15 months later. We were asked to ring the GP before he left our office, such was his concern.

When he left us he was better but the “cloud still loomed.” After 3 months the doctor called to advise all was good and our man was off the medication.


3 hours later I met a developer ‘into’ the Banks for tens of millions of pounds personally and the pressure was on. We spoke at length, as ever, about his case. The most animated he got in the few hours we were together was to complain about the fact the chips on his dinner were cold!

He was working with our help and advice, with the backdrop of knowing the worst, but with an excellent Strategy to give himself a chance.


Getting the right context of a situation is vital but does not necessarily alleviate the problem. We are all different and the amount of zeros involved is not the issue!

Usually at this point of any article we look to ask for business. Not this one. If you know anyone with debt issues, don’t for goodness sake judge them. I ask that you fully support them, as debt can be torturous for the mental health of the individuals and those close to them.

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