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Overall savings of £145,000 , Client supported through Bankruptcy

By on June 21st, 2018


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Our client initially reached out to us to help with issues surrounding her marital home. Her former partner had been made bankrupt, and our client could not continue to maintain payments on her own.

Upon instruction, Bell & Company initially tried to negotiate a consensual sale of the property however, the lender refused. Our client had no other option but to opt for a voluntary surrender of the property, and, with the increase in the shortfall that comes with a voluntary surrender, our client had to consider bankruptcy as the best option.

Bankruptcy can have benefits and it is an excellent tool when armed with the best advice. Sometimes, if a person is saddled with excessive, unaffordable and unsecured debt, Personal Bankruptcy can be the best route forward.

We are now seeing our client through the bankruptcy process and will be present every step of the way, dealing with the Official Receivers on her behalf. The client has developed a great relationship with the Bell & Company team and has expressed great trust in our services.

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