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At Bell & Company, we’re here to help you manage that gap, so if you’ve overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential insolvency, call us now for impartial advice on how to resolve your debt problems.

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HMRC Issues

We can relieve your HMRC debt management pressure points

“I’m facing immense pressure from HMRC – I really need professional help!”

Meeting your HMRC payments – VAT, PAYE, National Insurance or corporation tax -can impact significantly on cash flow. Some businesses sometimes struggle to pay what they owe. This situation may be compounded if your business is already in arrears or experiencing trading difficulties. If you are in this situation with HMRC, you need robust help from experienced experts, Bell & Company.

In our experience, HMRC is reasonable in its approach as long as there is communication. We can help you to assess the best options for your business and prepare plans and forecasts for your discussions with HMRC.  Armed with clear facts, you’ll be in the best position to show HMRC what your company can afford to pay and agree a reasonable schedule with our HMRC debt management solutions. We’ll even lead these negotiations for you, should you wish.

What if your business has received letters of Demand or Enforcement action? Or perhaps you are expecting a visit from a HMRC field agent? Above all, don’t panic and don’t ignore them. Call us, we have vast experience and can explain the implications of HMRC’s communications and the options that are open to your business.

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No one likes HMRC breathing down their necks, but the best solution is always to act promptly, openly and honestly. And believe it or not, HMRC staff are people too….and they respond well to courtesy and politeness. Our team of HMRC experts understands the complexities of HMRC’s systems and procedures and we remove any pressure by preparing the proper information and presenting it in the right way.

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From the outset, we establish clear bottom lines with our clients, so we understand what their priorities are and what must be protected. We then create a strategy to navigate the way out of corporate and personal debt with impartial advice and rigorous action.

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There are some very sharp minds at Bell & Company, so we’re extremely adept at finding unconventional strategies and solutions to resolve our clients’ debt dilemmas. This means that when you’re with us, you can be assured that we’re working for your best possible outcome.

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