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At Bell & Company, we’re here to help you manage that gap, so if you’ve overstretched your capacity and now find yourself facing potential insolvency, call us now for impartial advice on how to resolve your debt problems.

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Property Debt

Don’t let your house bring you down

Are you saddled with mortgage repayments that you just can’t afford?

Realising that you can’t pay off your interest-only mortgage after the term of the loan ends?

You’re not alone.

Outstanding mortgage lending in the UK is over a trillion Pounds and that includes over 85,000 mortgages in arrears, not to mention the looming negative equity time bomb.

Whether you are facing negative equity or the prospect of property repossession in your future, there is a way out.

At Bell & Company our team of debt strategists are on hand to find a practical solution that works for your particular circumstances.

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Negative Equity put simply is when the value of the property you purchased is now less than the mortgage secured against it.

Negative Equity only becomes an issue if the property is sold leaving an outstanding balance for the difference between the current market value and the value of the outstanding mortgage after sale.

If you can afford the mortgage repayments, then it will not be an issue unless interest rates rise and make repayments un-affordable.

Many people find themselves trapped in Negative Equity as the fear that they cannot afford the balance prohibits them making life plans such as moving or up/downsizing. There are options for the homeowner. Bell & Company are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues surrounding this area.

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Perhaps you’ve already tried talking to your lender without much success. This is not uncommon or surprising when lenders deal with individual borrowers.
What you need is the expertise of Bell & Company on your side.

We’ll take a deep dive into your case and talk to the decision-makers at the bank. Our long-standing relationships with many leading lenders means we have a leg up when it comes to negotiating a settlement that you can live with and importantly, move on from.

So don’t let property debt weigh you down. Break free from the burden with Bell & Company.

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