By on February 12th, 2016


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We are excited to announce our next event will be held at Millenium Forum in Derry/Londonderry on Wednesday 24 February 2016 at 8am to 10am. This event represents an excellent opportunity to come and enjoy and excellent breakfast whilst networking with a range of professionals from across Northern Ireland.

We will also have a panel of speakers at the event:

  1. Terry Bell – Company Director of Bell & Company.
  2. Helen McCarragher – Corporate Manager at Bell & Company
  3. William Davey – Resolution Manager at Bell & Company
  4. Ian Farley – R&D Tax Credits

The selected senior staff at Bell & Company will discuss issues relating to our line of work including Corporate Banking Debt, Loan Sales, Personal Guarantees, Negative Equity negotiation both in Northern Ireland and across Europe.

We also have an excellent guest speaker at the event, Ian Farley. Ian is an R & D tax specialist and will introduce the concept that R & D tax credits are very generous and can generate large corporation tax savings. You will be surprised what activites in Northern Ireland can qualify for these credits and many companies are not taking advantage of this valuable relief. We are sure Ian’s expert advice will be beneficial to you and even your clients.

Following the presentations by the panel the floor will be open for Q&A.

Whilst this is an open event we appreciate some of you may have more private queries so please contact us in advance to arrange a time where the appropriate team member can discuss matters on a one to one basis.

The event is ticketed but FREE of charge. To obtain your free ticket please click this link

Should you have any queries regarding the event or any debt related issues then please call the office on +44 (0) 2985 217373

We look forward to welcoming you at the Millenium Forum for a fantastic morning of networking.

Terry Bell