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At Bell & Company we are specialists
in business and financial turnarounds

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Business Turnaround gives us the opportunity to review a business to ensure the best financial solutions are used when faced with an inefficient finance structure and or potential insolvency.

Bell & Company provide a consultancy service whereby we investigate the overall position of the business to include creditors, debtors, revenue, growth, employees, and personal exposures to name a few.

On this basis, we provide Business Turnaround solutions to ensure your business keeps running avoiding insolvency where possible and maximising revenue and growth. If insolvency is your route then we utilise legal processes to protect you and can help design, implement & manage insolvency strategies to best look after your interests.


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  • Business Review and Restructure
  • HMRC Issues
  • Debt Restructuring + Refinance
  • Director Representation
  • Personal Guarantee Issues
  • Pre-Insolvency Advice – Avoiding a formal Insolvency Route
  • Starting again, Asset protection


If your business needs help, we have the expertise to spot the ‘warning signs’ to diagnose the problems. We can assist business in all areas, some of these are:

  • Farming
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Hospitality 

Our experts have worked across sectors and specialise in all areas of business associated debt.

Our team can address and advise on a wide range of issues relating your businesses’ general health.

Creditor/Lender Negotiations

In some instances, formal arrangements are not an option depending on profession or reputation. Bell & Company specialise informal solutions to avoid formal procedures.

Our services provide:

  • Liaison with creditors lenders
  • Full & Final Settlement, and
  • Refinancing Options.

We take control and negotiate on your behalf to any creditors and provide a solution that’s feasible and amicable for all parties.

HMRC Issues

HMRC will eventually wind up your company if you fail to engage with them and have any debt or arrears whatsoever with the revenue. Ignoring them will lead to an appointment of a liquidator by the Courts. It is imperative to seek professional advice if faced with any issues relating to HMRC.

Personal Guarantee Exposure

It is often the case that the person’s net worth demonstrated that they were of substance upon drawdown however their personal circumstances will may have changed dramatically rendering them entirely of meeting their obligations.

We negotiate with all lending institutions and creditors, looking to recover from any personal guarantee with a view to reaching full & final settlement on any loan/Personal Guarantee by way of a one-off payment. You can read more about Personal Guarantees here.

Dispute Resolution

On an on-going basis, we work alongside some of the most reputable, Legal firms who specialise in dispute litigation.

Where necessary, we shall work in conjunction with such third parties in order to address how a Borrower may have been wronged, in various contexts, and to ensure that they are compensated and awarded accordingly.

Finance & Debt Facilities

Regardless of the stage of a business’s life, it’s important to review your existing debt finance arrangements on a regular basis to ensure the finance facility and structure fits the current and future needs of the business. Having the correct finance/debt facilities in an organisation is essential to minimise repayments, manage cash flow, and to allow the flexibility for your business to grow.

Loans Sales and Vulture Funds

A primary topic of late has been the fact that local Banking Institutions are engaging in large, loan sale transactions to third party vulture funds. We represent a multitude of Clients in this position and thus are fully informed in terms of the most effective approach to take in order to achieve the best outcome for our client.

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