We pride ourselves on providing options for our clients who at times, find it hard to make informed decisions when burdened with property debt.


The team at Bell and Company have a highly specialised team who deal with all aspects of Property Debt Issues in particular; Negative Equity issues. We pride ourselves on providing options for our clients who at times, find it hard to make informed decisions when burdened with property debt.

We work with all financial institutions in a way that looks to positively resolve the situation for our Client and this in turn invariably is the best outcome for lenders and creditors.

We have developed an excellent team who understand the circumstances borrowers find themselves in. We empathise with their situation, and together with our detailed knowledge of how each lender operates, the team can offer independent advice tailored to the client’s situation. Bell & Company are proud of the savings and settlements we achieve on a regular basis for our clients allowing them to move on with their lives. 


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We specialise many areas of Property Debt Issues including:

  • Negative Equity on Residential Properties
  • Negative Equity on Buy-To- Let Portfolios
  • Commercial Borrowings
  • Negative Equity on Foreign Property including Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria and further afield
  • Individual & Company Property Portfolios


  • Formulation of tailored strategies for negative equity situations
  • Residential and Buy to let property portfolios
  • Bank/lender negotiations
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Property debt across Europe including Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria
  • Unfinished developments & lost, ‘Off-Plan’ deposits paid in Spain
  • Design & management of insolvency strategies
  • Pre Insolvency alternatives- Full and final settlement
  • Asset protection


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