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We pride ourselves on providing options for our clients who at times, find it hard to make informed decisions when burdened with property debt.


The team at Bell and Company have a highly specialised team who deal with all aspects of Property Debt Issues in particular; Negative Equity issues. We pride ourselves on providing options for our clients who at times, find it hard to make informed decisions when burdened with property debt.

We work with all financial institutions in a way that looks to positively resolve the situation for our Client and this in turn invariably is the best outcome for lenders and creditors.

We have developed an excellent team who understand the circumstances borrowers find themselves in. We empathise with their situation, and together with our detailed knowledge of how each lender operates, the team can offer independent advice tailored to the client’s situation. Bell & Company are proud of the savings and settlements we achieve on a regular basis for our clients allowing them to move on with their lives. 


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We specialise many areas of Property Debt Issues including:

  • Negative Equity on Residential Properties
  • Negative Equity on Buy-To- Let Portfolios
  • Commercial Borrowings
  • Negative Equity on Foreign Property including Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria and further afield
  • Individual & Company Property Portfolios


  • Formulation of tailored strategies for negative equity situations
  • Residential and Buy to let property portfolios
  • Bank/lender negotiations
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Property debt across Europe including Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Bulgaria
  • Unfinished developments & lost, ‘Off-Plan’ deposits paid in Spain
  • Design & management of insolvency strategies
  • Pre Insolvency alternatives- Full and final settlement
  • Asset protection


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We at Bell & Company are receiving more and more queries from individuals, concerned or threatened by Personal Guarantees (PG’s) they have given in the past. Typically, PG’s are given to support: Banking or other limited company funding including overdrafts, loans, Factoring, HP, leasing etc. Limited company trade creditor facilities, Leases, Peer to Peer loans,…

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Bankruptcy, the “B” word, is feared by many. This is often as a result of uninformed misconceptions. There is a possibility of positive and negative outcomes depending on the individual situation. However, regardless of the outcome, Bankruptcies are on the rise. This week we had 23 queries in relation to Bankruptcy. Individual Bankruptcies have increased…

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In this instance our client had a longstanding shortfall debt of £36,000. This debt was recently sold to a third party. Our client was worried about the misconceptions of third party debt collection agencies. However, at Bell & Company we regularly deal with third parties such as this one and have a good working relationship…

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£38,000 saving on investment gone wrong
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In this situation, our clients had invested in a second property with an interest only mortgage. However, the value of the property drastically declined in a short period of time leaving the couple with a large mortgage in negative equity. Bell & Company were appointed to negotiate the sale and the full and final settlement…

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Negative equity success – The client in this situation was an older gentleman. He had several properties in negative equity that were causing him a great deal of stress as he was struggling to maintain payments. He approached Bell & Company in the hope of relieving some of the stress that the situation was causing…

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£85,000 saving for working family
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Our clients in this situation were a working family with two young children. They bought several investment properties before the crash,which had subsequently fallen into negative equity. This was a huge financial burden on the family and they were struggling to maintain mortgage payments on all properties. The couple appointed Bell & Company to negotiate…

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For many, summer is downtime for relaxation and rest with schools off and holidays to be had. As ever, at Bell & Company, we are working to steer our clients out of the burden of debt. Read below for some stories  of our summer successes. £85,000 saving for working family Our clients in this situation…

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Waht are debt strategists? Bell & Company are the UK and Ireland’s leading Debt Strategists, that simply means we develop a strategy to best alleviate a client’s debt burden. We are approached daily by over extended borrowers and tailor our advice to their individual circumstances to ensure there is a realistic and pragmatic option for…

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