Savings of £4.97M

By on September 16th, 2016


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Settlement at c0.6% of original borrowing

-A settlement of a Co Down based Client, working in the Freight Industry, attended, for the purposes of consultation, at our offices and was extremely distressed at the thought that he would be made Bankrupt by his primary Creditor who was a well-known and aggressive vulture fund.

-He owed more than £5,000,000.00, after the sale of all security had been worked through, and had minimal funds with which to address his debt.

-In the event of his personal Bankruptcy, same individual would have lost his license allowing him to trade in his area of expertise, preventing him from providing any sort of income for his young family so this was an avenue he strongly wished to avoid.

-He simply did not know where to turn or what to do and, after a positive and reassuring meeting which instilled him with the utmost confidence, he promptly instructed Bell & Company.

-Within 3 months & further to in-depth, persistent & aggressive negotiations conducted by our professional team, we had settled the debt, on a full & final basis, with a sum of £30,000.00 provided by family and friends.

-We successfully assisted our Client in avoiding Bankruptcy, starting a fresh and achieved savings in the region of £4,970,000.00.

-Our Client was no longer subject to any further pursuit and could start again, concentrating on what was important to him and his family.