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Summer successes

By on August 10th, 2018


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For many, summer is downtime for relaxation and rest with schools off and holidays to be had.
As ever, at Bell & Company, we are working to steer our clients out of the burden of debt.
Read below for some stories  of our summer successes.

£85,000 saving for working family

Our clients in this situation were a working family with two young children.
They bought several investment properties before the crash, which had subsequently fallen into negative equity.
This was a huge financial burden on the family and they were struggling to maintain mortgage payments on all properties.
The couple appointed Bell & Company to negotiate the sale and final shortfall of the properties.
The property in question had been sold and the couple were left with a crystallised shortfall of £95,000.
After protracted negotiations and the cooperation of the lender, a full and final settlement of £10,000 was accepted.
The couple were understandably relieved as they can now move forward without this unaffordable debt hanging over them.
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£85,000 saving for working family

The client in this situation was an older gentleman.
He had several properties in negative equity that were causing him a great deal of stress as he was struggling to maintain payments.
He approached Bell & Company in the hope of relieving some of the stress that the situation was causing him and his family.
Bell & Company negotiated the sale of this particular property which left a crystallised shortfall of just under £50,000.
We liaised with the lender and proposed a full and final settlement of £8,000 which was accepted. This resulted in an overall savings of £42,000 for our client.
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£38,000 saving on investment gone wrong

In this situation, our clients had invested in a second property with an interest only mortgage.
However, the value of the property drastically declined in a short period of time leaving the couple with a large mortgage in negative equity.
Bell & Company were appointed to negotiate the sale and the full and final settlement of the property.
We achieved a sale leaving a crystallised shortfall of £40,000.
After lengthy negotiations a full and final settlement of 10% was accepted.
The couple were overjoyed to have the burden of this debt weighing on them.
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Third party debt settled for £11,000

In this instance our client had a longstanding shortfall debt of £36,000.
This debt was recently sold to a third party.
Our client was worried about the misconceptions of third party debt collection agencies.
However, at Bell & Company we regularly deal with third parties such as this one and have a good working relationship with them.
Through our negotiations and their cooperation, we were able to reach a settlement of 11,000.
This resulted in a 26,000 saving for our client, is very relieved to be free of this unaffordable debt.
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