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Business Planning During Coronavirus Pandemic


Further to my video this morning – knowingly undertaken in the dark (my face for radio etc), I commented that we would give a quick insight into how we are trying to plan in the most uncertain of times = Covid-19. Our attitude is stay agile and get business planning during Coronavirus.

We as a management group are meeting every day via 3CX video conferencing at 7.30am, to keep up to speed on where we are as a business in today’s continually changing landscape.

Our current plan and daily review takes the following forms:

  1. Maximising Cash Flow – yes stating the bleeding obvious, but as my senior partner used to say ‘cash flow is the 8th wonder of the world’.

2. Review our marketing daily. Weekly and monthly plans have gone out the window. We have to be so sure we are on point with our message, especially when you of the type think the work we undertake, we will not be ghoulish in our messages.

Yes, we’re going into recession – but we fully respect all entrepreneurs struggling out there due to Covid-19. 

3. Being abreast of the facts at all times. Don’t look at all news feeds or it will do for you. I thoroughly recommend the FT and they will have a subscription deal on at the moment for sure. The FT continues to always offer succinct reliable reporting, such as Pilita Clark’s excellent piece from yesterday ‘No room for bullshit in this time of coronavirus’.

James Bell, Noel O’Hare & Angela Thorpe sign up please to any entry-level for the FT.

Also, a man who speaks a lot of sense is Luke Johnson who writes in The Sunday Times and is on twitter.

4. Working on different timeline and plans.

We have a one week, two week and five-week plan here during Covid-19. As things evolve/change we will look at things accordingly. As I said in the video piece I need this for my wee brain but we need to plan at least for some light at the end of the tunnel, as day to day existence is no good. We all need purpose here.

5. Ensure we are smarter in our work.

Lockdown gives us more opportunities to consider options, tactics and approached on cases.

6. Making sure and it’s cliché but…think outside the box.

For example, we have today developed another way to attack our work in Spain merely by taking some time out to consider the detail of what we do.

It will be a game-changer – hopefully.

7. Ensuring our team is motivated on a daily basis.

Remote working and managing bring their own challenges.

We have the benefit of an established team here. If you are alone or not able to talk to a peer or someone else conversant with the pressure so business before the COVID-19 landed. It’s tough out there as we all know so keep talking.

Tomorrow we are going to relay a few types of stances we should approach when faced with financial adversity. Business planning during Coronavirus is critically important as the regulations from the powers that be will change rapidly. Stay agile, stay on top.

As ever good luck and keep fighting


As Bell & Company has grown, we have continually looked to add different skills and services which can benefit our clients. Towards the end of 2015, we were asked more and more business-specific queries from clients and how we could assist in improving their business. Accordingly, we are looking to develop a consultancy side of our business.

Our staff have a range of backgrounds:

Whilst it’s all well and good having some letters after your name. There is no substitute for experience, sometimes the theory learned cannot be put into action.

Having developed Bell & Company with just myself and my son James working in a small 2-person office suite to a firm employing 19 Full-Time staff I understand the pressures and rewards when developing business.  I hope to pass on my experiences to other business owners to allow to benefit from my successes and also to learn from my mistakes.

Not only do we have a fantastic variety of personnel to call upon but thanks to our business developing, we have an excellent network of peers who could also benefit your business.

Bell & Company firmly believe that there are some tremendous business owners and businesses in Northern Ireland and by bringing them together we can stimulate business, trade and ultimately the wider Northern Irish economy, which will benefit all.

If you want to discuss anything regarding your business please contact us today, it doesn’t just have to revolve around debt and even if we are not equipped to assist, it is more than likely we will know someone who will.

As ever though, Bell & Company continue to specialise in Corporate Debt Negotiation, Personal Insolvency, Negative Equity Assistance and should you or anyone you know require a free initial consultation to determine your position and options please call the office today on 0330 159 5820.