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Businesses Must Have A Brexit Strategy

Businesses must have a Brexit strategy Mid last year the UK took the momentous decision to leave the European Union. Those on the Leave side rejoiced whilst the Remain camp dismayed at the vote, predicting an Armageddon-style doom for the UK economy and a mass flight of businesses from Britain, driven away by what many…

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Brexit to potentially delay Bank Loan Sales


In recent times, we have been approached by various individuals, businesses and professionals, all of whom have received letters from their primary lender essentially providing them with them with three options as follows: (a) Pay now in full (b) Re-finance and pay in full (c) Failing the above, we will sell to a third party fund…

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It is coming up to a couple of weeks since the EU Referendum was held and that Brexit was announced. It has been perhaps the most turbulent time in British politics in living memory with party leaders stepping aside or being under severe pressure. Whatever your political views or whether you voted leave or remain…

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