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The Benefits of Debt Strategists


WHAT ARE DEBT STRATEGISTS Debt strategist might sound like the job title of the bulge-bracket merchant banker in the Square Mile – but that’s not right. A good debt strategist is the vital problem solver every entrepreneur should have in their contact book. But whether it is business collapse with a personal guarantee attached or…

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Options & Solutions for Negative Equity

Negative Equity

Bell & Company Offer Options & Solutions for Negative Equity  Right across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, homeowners are still as vulnerable as ever to negative equity. Back in 2015 it was reported by The Guardian that a couple from Northern Ireland paid c£700,000 for a luxury home in a good…

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What Are Debt Strategists?

We Are UK & Ireland’s Leading Debt Strategists Bell & Company are Debt Strategists and that simply means we develop a strategy to best eradicate a client’s debt burden. We are approached daily by over extended borrowers and tailor our advice to their individual circumstances to ensure there is a realistic option for them. Our…

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